The Science of The SOUL and SoulMates: Does SCIENCE Support The
Existence of BOTH?! The Definitive Introductory Guide to Reincarnation!

Revised: Friday, July 7th, 2023
-- Part #1 of 4 --
Our Creating Consciousness or "God" is shaped much like an OBLATE SPHEROID which is a type
of three-dimensional shape with an oblong, round shape, like a squashed circle. Unlike an egg
(asymmetrical), it is symmetrical, i.e., evenly weighted/spaced at both ends that results in an oblate
spheroid. Skittles or M&M's candies are everyday examples of oblate spheroids. They basically look
like squashed spheres. This oblate spheroid or oval/spiral shape is a recurring shape/theme in our
Universe with the existence of giant spiral galaxies like the Andromeda and Milky Way Galaxies.

ABOVE 4 IMAGES = Our Creating Consciousness or "God" is shaped much like an OBLATE SPHEROID which is a type of
three-dimensional shape with an oblong, round shape, like a squashed circle. Skittles or M&M's candies are everyday
examples of oblate spheroids; they basically look like squashed spheres.



ABOVE 6 IMAGES = This oblate spheroid or oval/spiral shape is a recurring shape/theme in our Universe with the
existence of giant spiral galaxies like the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies along with other natural phenomena

ABOVE 5 IMAGES = Just as illustrated in the previous series, the oblate spheroid or oval/spiral shape is a recurring
shape/theme on a grand scale in our Universe with the existence of giant spiral galaxies like the Andromeda and Milky
Way galaxies, but is also present on a much smaller scale on Earth with everything from sea urchins and onions to cacti
and certain drought-resistant plants possessing this universal shape and design along with other natural phenomena

ABOVE IMAGE = Spectacular image shows how the SPIRAL, bullseye and terrace-shaped combs of stingless bee hives
mimic the molecular growth of crystals + reinforce the ever-present appearance of spiral-shaped images throughout
the Universe. Researchers from the University of Cambridge and the University of Granada in Spain combined to map
out the unique hives. Writing in their study, the researchers say: “In Tetragonula nests, we find a variety of brood
comb structures in three (3) dimensions that can be classified into (a) SPIRALS, (b) target (i.e. bullseye shaped)
patterns, (c) DOUBLE SPIRALS [as in double spiral galaxies] and (d) more disordered terraces.” A series of images
published as part of a scientific study into the hive structure of Tetragonula bees reveals they often have a distinct
bullseye or SPIRAL 3D appearance. The same mathematical blueprint is followed by a colony of bees and also by the
laws of physics, resulting in strikingly similar layouts. In both crystals and beehives a single layer is created in
compartments before being developed on top of this to gradually create a layered appearance.

SOURCE: By Joe Pinkstone For TheDailyMailOnline, Published:| Updated: 09:49 EDT, Monday 27 July 2020

ABOVE IMAGE = Even in ancient "mythology," the OBLATE SPHEROID appears as a recurring shape. Mexican
archaeologists say they have excavated a stone sanctuary in a pond on the side of a volcano east of Mexico City. The
National Institute of Anthropology and History says the remnants of the stone "tetzacualco" were in the center of a
natural pond below the Iztaccihuatl Volcano at an elevation of nearly 13,000 feet. Researchers say the stones were
designed to appear to "float" on the surface of the water to signify a Mesoamerican myth about the creation of the
world as a "representation of a primeval time and space in
a 1,000-year-old miniature model of the universe."

Whether "The Central Spiritual Intelligence" ["The Prime Architect" or "GOD"] and/or past bio-genetic
manipulation by visiting "Ancient Astronauts" ["Star Visitors"] in Earth's distant past or
naturally-occurring evolution gave early man a "soul/spirit," the early primate stock was either artificially
turned into or naturally became Homo sapiens sapiens. 
As a result, a vessel or "container" was created into which Nature/God was induced/invited to place a
higher-consciousness "soul" which represented an extension of itself [The Creator] so it could LEARN
from its new creations ... HUMAN BEINGS which now possessed SENTIENCE (“self-awareness”) and
SAPIENCE (“wisdom/discernment”) that separated it from all other living, NON-sentient life forms. You are an aperture through which the Universe is looking at and exploring itself.” – Alan W Watts,
British philosopher who popularized Eastern philosophy for a Western audience  [see 3 below advisories]

ABOVE 2 IMAGES = It is NOT exactly accurate to state that the soul/spirit is a "by-product" of DNA, but
rather that the fully-developed human body inherently "draws into" itself a soul -- or better stated – that
creates a complex matrix within the human form/biological body which inherently evokes/summons or calls
forth the co-presence of an active, stimulating co-existing consciousness which animates the new life form it
now inhabits for a lifetime. You yourself are the eternal energy which appears as this Universe. You didn't come into this world;
you came out of it … like a wave from the ocean.” – Alan Watts, (see above bio) [see advisory below]

In order to effect this reciprocal causation between this co-creating consciousness and the extensions of
itself -- human beings -- there had to be a successful coupling between the kinesthetic, perceptive and
cognitive assets, attributes and elements of this dependent co-arising universal consciousness and its
extended sentient human life forms; in fact, such a successful coupling does exist which forms a cohesive,
inter-dependent and symbiotic relationship between this co-creating Cosmic Consciousness and human

There are many characteristics of the soul – many of which will be discussed later – but this one may very
well be the most significant and important. Our soul is an extension of God/The Prime Architect himself.
This means that our soul is a part of God itself. Your soul – the energetic, non-physical component that
animates your body/vessel/container – is a tiny, but glorious fragment of the Creator that often times is
referred to as the “God particle” in New Age circles. That tiny fragment lives and resides within YOU, is
part of YOU and … IS YOU! You are a fragment of God and an extension of this creating Universal

You are not merely made in his image – you are a living fragment, extension and representative of the
Creator itself. This can be a very powerful concept to digest in a way that you UNequivocally believe in,
but belief is absolutely necessary for this is what makes each and every human on this planet an amazing
gift of the highest order. ONLY humans as sentient beings occupy this special position on Earth; no other
life forms have this special status.   

This special attribute enables the Prime Architect to learn, grow and evolve as the extensions of itself
similarly learn, grow and evolve and transmit its collected experiences to this creating highest
consciousness.In some sense, Man is a microcosm of the Universe; therefore what man is, is a clue to the Universe.
We are enfolded in the Universe.” – Dr David J Bohm, theoretical physicist [see below advisory]

Various lab experiments at creating lower-level life forms have affirmed the principle that when all of the
ingredients for life are properly assembled that life will begin in earnest. Otherwise stated, life is
coterminous with the self-organizing, self-guiding principle which is inherently embedded within the
physical and environmental building blocks of life.
PREVIOUS INCARNATION SOUL MANIFESTATIONS                                                                
In many cases of reincarnation, the soul shares a strong resemblance in their facial features in
back-to-back incarnations. The soul projects an "energy template" or hologram into the developing
body and the physical body then shapes itself around it. 

This includes intriguing cases and findings that if someone had a stab or bullet wound in a PREVIOUS
incarnation, they might have a birthmark or scar in that SAME spot! [See below 2 illustrations]


Related and similarly, the phenomenon of people speaking in a language entirely unknown to them is
called "XENOGLOSSY," and has been present in a number of cases where a past-life personality takes
over the consciousness of the current incarnation. 
A human being is a TWO-fold entity: part spirit and part physical. The physical element [the biological
body, "container" or "vessel"] disintegrates at death. 
HOWEVER, the spiritual part -- generally viewed as the invisible, duplicate and eternal part of humans –
CONTINUES exactly as it was before its present physical incarnation, only in another form of existence
as it lives on after the "death" of its physical body which is actually the soul's liberation from its
physical body while on Earth.

"Death is a stripping away of ALL that is NOT you. The secret to life is to 'die before you die' and find
that there is NO death” – Eckhart Tolle [see below 2 advisories]

The spirit/soul carries with it ALL of the personality, character traits and memories held and
experienced during its physical life on Earth. The average time spent in the "Afterlife" between new
incarnations on Earth is 4-7 years at the present time; this information is derived from thousands of
cases via regressive hypnosis.

The soul/spirit is ETERNAL and after death will travel to either a desirable or less than desirable plane
of existence depending upon the deeds in one's most current life. 
The soul is comprised of intelligent, conscious energy. Soul energy is homogeneous to the portion left
behind in the spirit world vs what we bring to Earth in our incarnation(s). The differences are in energy
volume with ~75%-80% of "us" remaining in the Afterlife and ~20%-25% that we bring with us during
our Earthly incarnation. 

That 75%-80% of our soul essence which remains in the Afterlife is what constitutes our “higher self” orover soul” which one can access through times of stress/trauma via “direct” prayer, meditation or yoga. 

ABOVE IMAGE = The "HIGHER SELF" resides in the world of spirit and controls the other three (3) bodies during our
earthly incarnation: the physical, etheric and astral. The small ego is essentially our personality, and drops away once
we pass on. So, when we talk about being immortal – or of being pure spirit – we're actually talking about our divine,
eternal, Higher Self, Over Soul aka “Super Consciousness.”

The decision of what amount of energy to bring to Earth is made in the spirit world after a number of
decisions by the soul primarily based on the type of body chosen as the host in the life to be taken on
Earth. One's earthly incarnation is just a short time in a very long, seemingly eternal journey of the soul
and will soon return to have MANY more different lifetimes on Earth OR on other worlds as a "hybrid” orextraplanetary soul" in this universe.

Some highly advanced souls are given the opportunity to experience lifetimes on other worlds, but most
souls return to Earth as part of their natural life cycles. As each inhabited planet has its own afterlife
spheres, the opportunity to move on to other worlds has to be earned. 


HYBRID or INTERPLANETARY souls make up approximately 5-7% of the Earth's population; this is the
percentage of souls whose homeworlds are other than Earth and who incarnate here when the dysfunction
of Earth has increased and/or the window of opportunity for change exists.

Determining whether YOU or someone you know is an interplanetary soul isn't an exact science, yet there
are 10 (ten) distinct characteristics that will cause you to lean in the direction of suspecting or believing
that you've made an accurate assessment. To make identifying a hybrid soul easier, weigh and consider
the following list of signs. When two (2) or three (3) of these traits are present, then you're likely on the
right path to identifying an extraplanetary soul. Determine if YOU or someone you know …

1) strongly prefers to be around animals over people;
2) feels like an “alien” including using this term as a descriptor;
3) has been diagnosed as having Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD);
4) is a child whose language/communications abilities are delayed or developed slowly;
5) has a strong interest in science fiction, astrology, astronomy and the greater universe;
6) has an aversion to social interaction – or the opposite – by being highly socially engaging;
7) has significant skills and gifts in specific areas such as music, art, writing, science, technology, etc.;
8) has health challenges such as autoimmune disorders, digestive issues, allergies, insomnia and
chemical sensitivities;
9) simply doesn't understand the social and political complications of Earth life, such as the tendency to
categorize and reject others based on skin color, religion, ethnicity and the like;
10) does NOT have a romantic partner, has a human appearance and/or skills that aren't like most people
thereby suggesting to some that there's something “wrong” or frightening about us; it's common for
hybrid souls to feel MISunderstood in life today … does this sound familiar to YOU?! 

HYBRID souls frequently struggle to cope with life on our planet. Here are a few examples of how
extraplanetary life is commonly lived on their homeworlds which is very different from the more
UNevolved lifestyle on Earth:Caring emotion is the hallmark;Relationships are caring and honest;Environmental needs are handled properly;ALL souls are respected without judgment;ALL communication is clear, direct and telepathic;Nutrition is suited to the needs of the extraplanetary body type;A healthy body structure and brain align with interplanetary soul needs;Decisions are made based on logic rather than emotions used to manipulate.

While interplanetary souls comprise a small percentage of Earth's population, hybrid souls possess great
wisdom, so they are more needed now on Earth during these troubling, tumultuous and turbulent times. As
humans, we've each agreed to be on Earth now. Hybrid souls are a gift to our planet. They agree to
arrive in our currently burdensome planetary culture that, sadly, demonstrated great greed and UNlimited
selfishness. Interplanetary Souls have profound gifts to offer and a refreshing life perspective that many
others do not manifest. Extraplanetary souls who originate from elsewhere and have come to Earth should
be honored and thanked for their profound altruistic intent to shepherd and direct Earth's culture forward.

A new incarnation is always intentional. Whether the soul is Earth-based or an interplanetary soul, a
preplanned life blueprint is set in motion at the moment the soul attaches to the body. Interplanetary souls
come to Earth to share their wisdom to aid and assist humanity. Each interplanetary soul arrives on Earth
to convey the evolution gained by the progressed framework of their non-Earth soul's home base. 

COMMENT: An IP (Interplanetary Soul) finds life on Earth and in a human body to be very foreign to what
they're used to. As a useful analogy, consider if you were an American and had lived all of your life in a
small rural, pristine community and never traveled anywhere. Suddenly, you're plucked from your home
environment and plopped down into a busy bustling Chinese city. You don't know the language nor the
customs, and the diet is distinctly spicy and very strange to you. Extraplanetary souls – especially those
who've had very few Earth incarnations – struggle greatly to find a place of comfort, acceptance and
belonging among others. 


ABOVE 6 IMAGES = The average time spent in the "Afterlife" between new incarnations on Earth is 4-7 years at the
present time; this information is derived from thousands of cases via regressive hypnosis.

Once the incarnating entity ["soul"] finishes their journey on Earth and experiences "death," the soul
travels HOME to the spiritual world or "afterlife" ["Implicate Order" of the "Enfolded Universe"
(multiple dimensions) or "fine material world"]. Once there, it decides whether or not it wants to come
back into another lifetime on Earth – known as a dense, harsh, suffering world – and WHEN as it may
opt to travel to "pleasure" or "recreational" worlds before returning in yet another physical body. 

SPLIT INCARNATION: This is the term attached to our soul agreement to manage and evolve quicker by
coordinating our soul energy in two (2) or more bodies simultaneously. By animating in more than one
(1) physical Earth body at a time, our soul evolution is further enhanced when we are already a relatively
experienced soul and we opt to manage more than one (1) incarnation at a time. The purpose of this is to
speed up one's spiritual evolution and eventual ascension to the higher realms/afterlife in a much quicker
fashion beyond the plane of Earth incarnation. In other words, one wants to avoid further incarnations
on Earth, so that we can now remain in the pain-free afterlife, but still continue to evolve as we learn other
new facets, areas and dimensions of the Prime Architect's enormous creation.

EXPLORER SOULS are those adventurous individuals who travel to a variety of physical and mental
worlds beyond our general spiritual plane. They may visit these worlds in order to explore new places
for souls to incarnate, or to find new places for recreation. Possibly, meeting different types of life forms
is a part of the expansion of consciousness and, like a diplomat or an anthropologist, an Explorer Soul
may be those ambassadors who study other systems to increase the knowledge we can gain about the
diverse multiverse we reside in. 

EXPLORER SOULS need to have the ability to blend their energy into various types of physical and
mental worlds without becoming disoriented or lost, as well as being unobtrusive to the native beings
who live there. If you are a world traveler on Earth, love to see and visit new places, meet different types
of people and study cultures that differ from your own, you would be a great candidate as an Explorer

GAMEKEEPERS: This is an unusual spiritual profession that involves training young souls to recognize
energy and travel inter-dimensionally through the use of certain games. The “Gamekeeper” portion of
this specialty is just an outgrowth of the larger specialty of “EXPLORER.”

Although this profession is part Explorer and part teacher, it is vital in order to train new souls who will
become adept at exploring new worlds, universes and dimensions. To be an explorer, a soul needs to
be adventurous and courageous. However, to be a good Gamekeeper, one needs patience, a sense of
humor and frivolity as well. Think of this as being “the fun uncle” who played hide and seek with you
whenever he returned from his job of being an international traveler. 

ESSENTIAL TERMINOLOGY:Afterlife” = “Implicate Order” of The Enfolded Universe of “The Fine Material World”

Earth existence = “Explicate Order” of The UNfolded Universe of “The Coarse [Dense] Material World”


It is known that removing oneself from a perfect home (the spiritual world), and then being
born/incarnated into the not-so-perfect Earth plane allows the soul/spirit to grow spiritually.

The Earth is the LEARNING GROUND for the soul – which can be pictured as a GIANT
school or a STAGE PLAY that we act out over a lifetime -- where the soul
experiences all of the delights
and pleasures of being in the physical world, learns the
differences between good and evil and repays
KARMIC DEBTS in a "life script" it is given
prior to its next incarnation by its Spirit Guides and a Council
of Elders.

"All the world's a stage" is the phrase that begins a monologue from William Shakespeare's
As You Like It, spoken in Act II Scene VII. The speech compares the world to a stage and life
to a play,
and catalogs the seven (7) stages of a person's life [script]. Missions, life lessons
or purposes vary from soul to soul. Each and EVERY SOUL has its own purpose
that will
be fulfilled in due time; your lessons are NOT your neighbors', co-workers', friends' and
family's lessons to be learned ...
never, EVER compare your life lessons with anyone else's.

This purpose or mission is stated in the "soul contract" made in consultation/agreement
with one's
spirit guide and a Council of Elders. Once a soul's mission is fulfilled -- its
purpose is served -- and its
lessons have become available, it leaves ("dies") the earth
plane and returns to its former home – its
TRUE HOME … the “Afterlife” in the “fine
material world.”
"We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through.
Our purpose here is to observe,
to learn, to grow, to love … and then we return home.” –
Australian Aboriginal proverb
[see advisory and illustration below]

That acquired knowledge and experience the soul has just gained – and shared/transmitted to the
Central Spiritual Intelligence so that it too, has learned from one of its creations – fulfills its contract or
"life script" for THIS incarnation.

The best way to explain our afterlife journey is simply to accept that when our body passes on, you do
NOT really “die” nor disappear forever. Instead, you simply pass from one state of reality to another.
While we're on Earth, we are a spiritual being living out our existence in a human body or container.”We are not human beings have a spiritual experience … we are spiritual beings have a human
experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, French idealist, philosopher and Jesuit priest from the 19th
Century [see advisory below]

Death” is the severing of this relationship, which means that our spirit can return to its origins: theafterlife.” Our physical body is simply a vehicle/vessel/container that allows us to experience our life's
journey through earthly life again and again ... and again....

ABOVE IMAGE = "Death” is the severing of this relationship, which means that our spirit can return to its origins: theafterlife.” Our physical body is simply a vehicle/vessel/container that allows us to experience our life's journey through
earthly life again and again ... and again....

After the physical body perishes, the life force is transferred to the etheric body for a short period of time.
This helps us adjust to the new conditions. After that, the life force passes on to our astral body for the
next stage of its journey back to the spiritual realm. This process is a bit like catching different forms of
transport to get to our ultimate destination.

The earth plane is far denser than the astral plane and the higher spiritual realms beyond that. These
planes also vibrate/oscillate at much faster rates, which is why they are invisible to us. Over a period of
what we understand as “time,” we acclimate to our new state of being.

Our soul/spirit is a form of fine energy that powers our body during earthly life. When it departs, the body
dies. You only have to see a dead body to realize the life force has departed. However, the spirit being
pure energy, lives on....You don't have a soul. You ARE a soul … you have a BODY.” – author unknown [see advisory below] 

"YOU are the Universe, expressing itself as a human for a little while.” – Eckhart Tolle, author, writer of
spiritual works and public speaker of German background [see advisory below]

Our higher self [Ego] is pure spirit. It's that part of us which is immortal. The higher self resides in the
world of spirit and controls the other three (3) bodies during our earthly incarnation: the physical,
etheric and astral. This is different than the small ego, which is essentially our personality, and which
drops away once we pass on. So, when we talk about being immortal – or of being pure spirit – we're
actually talking about our divine, eternal, Higher Self, Over Soul aka “Super Consciousness.”  

You are much more than your physical body and human personality. At your very core – and from your
very first breath – you are a spark of the “divine” or the Creator, an aspect of the purest, highest energy,
coming into physical existence once again. YOU are a living, incarnate soul.

Your soul has a mind of its own. You incarnate with divine or creational intelligence and intent, coming
in w/ a life script and higher guidance from “above.” Not only that, but you also have the ability to
discover the details of your soul archetype and life script/plan [via regressive hypnosis], and you have
the free will to carry it out or not.

"SAMSARA” in Buddhism means continuous flow in the ongoing cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth.
The natural law of karma tells us that our intentional, conscious and willful actions in life result in either
soul progress or the lack thereof.

"Every individual is a expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total Universe.” –
Alan Watts [see advisory and illustration below]

Life is a continuous cycle – beginning at birth, ending upon our death, and reviewed between lives in the
spiritual realm by our spirit guides and a Council of Elders. It starts anew with each next incarnation,
propelled by the soul's innate desire and inclination to progress in wisdom from one lifetime to the next.
Your incarnate soul is a fragment – a sliver – of the totality of your creational energy or “over soul” or
higher self [~75% - 80%].

The aspect of the soul that is “you” comes from – and remains connected to – the celestial realm during
your life/incarnation on Earth.

ABOVE IMAGE = Your incarnate soul is a fragment – a sliver – of the totality of your creational energy or
“over soul” or higher self [~75% - 80%] which remains in the Afterlife

Upon your physical death, the holographic portion of your soul that arrived before birth
[~20% - 25%] takes its leave and returns to the spiritual realm. Physical incarnations on Earth –
and on other worlds as a “hybrid” or “extraplanetary” soul – come and go, while one's soul
consciousness is eternal. Upon “death” of our Earthly physical container, there is NO break
in the continuity of consciousness … it is eternal.

YOUR LIFE BETWEEN LIVES after “Death” –Reuniting with your Soul Group / SoulmateVisiting The “Library of Life” at the “Hall of Records”Meeting your Spirit Guide(s) and a Council of Elders for a life review + future life scriptSpecial Studies + Recreation

[See graphic organizer below of a STRUCTURED OVERVIEW of the reincarnation process]


ABOVE IMAGE = Upon your physical death, the holographic portion of your soul that arrived before birth [~20% - 25%]
takes its leave and returns to the spiritual realm

TEACHER GUIDES, or SPIRIT GUIDES are intermediate to advanced souls who have finished their own
cycles of incarnation and are now assigned to help guide the soul development of groups of developing
souls. Your guide is a mentor and advocate, helping your progression without hindering your freedom
or independence. Guides watch over us throughout our incarnations on Earth, and at times we can call
on them for affirmation.

Becoming a SPIRIT GUIDE is a very common path for most souls, even those who specialize tend to
become guides for younger souls. Some teacher guides specialize in teaching certain skills or work
with specific development levels. But most guides work in a general sense with a small group of 3-15
souls in a soul group and will remain with that group in some fashion for a very long time. 

Each of our lives has a plan or “life script” created with our spirit guides BEFORE our birth. Then we can
opt to follow and expand the value of our plan or cast the life blueprint aside and live a more self-involved
life ... the choice is ours.... [see 2 graphic organizers below of a VENN DIAGRAM followed by a NETWORK

Your eternal soul is magnificent in its radiance, carrying as it does the power of the light of creational
consciousness. As a soul, we step into a human vessel at birth and leave the body upon death as we
travel the ceaseless, endless journey from density into light. Your soul evolves through each set of
challenges for any particular lifetime. 

Upon death, between your lives – your life between lives – the soul energy that animated your physical
body returns to pure spirit form to reconstitute the greater whole of your soul and it is that element we
label as your “higher self” or “over soul” aka “super consciousness.” 

Remember, that there is nothing better nor worse about your current degree of soul evolution. You are
where you are on your own spiritual path whether it's the equivalent of being in grade 2, 4, 8, 12 or
approaching graduate school. Life on Earth presents the challenges one must face in order to acquire
the ability to operate in human life from the vantage point of your soul vs your human-egoic self.

Therefore, no matter what choices you make in life, all is OK, because you are repeatedly given another
opportunity to learn. Each life event is a course in your earthly CLASSROOM that is set in motion by the
soul agreement or “life script” you've put into place w/ your spirit guide(s). Your awareness  of “why you
are here now” will expand when you accept that what needs to happen simply is allowed to occur.

"Some changes look negative on the surface, but you will soon realize that space is being created in
your life for something new to emerge.” – Eckhart Tolle [see advisory below]

Or, to put it in a slightly different way, when you accept that the events and people in your life are put in
place to enhance the evolution of your soul and that of others, then you know that such life lessons stem
from the wisdom of your soul and your guides' prodding. 

Every lifetime/incarnation has a soul-designed curriculum for enhancing and expanding your soul
awareness and capability. When you accept that all of your life's experiences serve the purpose of
moving to a higher grade in the school of soul development, life becomes manageable. All of the events
in your life offer you a window to know WHO YOU are, WHY you are here, and HOW you can continue to
advance as a soul. Benevolent spiritual guidance is available to you at all times to support your onward

"Whatever the present moment contains, ACCEPT it as if you had CHOSEN it. Always work WITH it, NOT
against it.” – Eckhart Tolle [see advisory below]

When the physical body no longer functions – whether due to old age, accident or tragedy – the soul
returns to its high vibrational frequency home in the spiritual realm. Since a portion of the soul's energy
matrix never left the spirit world – roughly 75%-80% – the returning soul rejoins its Over Soul / Higher
Self via the energetic umbilical cord created at conception. The returning soul brings with it all of the
experiences, emotions, trauma, lessons and knowledge gained from the lifetime it just experienced.
Returning to the relief of the spiritual realm also offers the returning souls the welcome opportunity to
REST, REGENERATE and REFLECT on its just completed physical world experience. 

After souls arrive back into the spirit world and leave the “restoration” or “slumber” chamber (if needed)
located within the “Hall of Healing,” they reunite with their soul groups which consists of their immediate
Earth family plus their extended family and close friends they had on Earth and in previous lifetimes at
the “Gateway.” At some point, souls are summoned to appear before a Council of Elders along with their
spirit guide who acts as that soul's advocate before the Council. 

While the Council is not prosecutorial in nature, they do engage in direct examination of that soul's
activities in the lifetime just completed on Earth. There are six (6) Elders who sit on the Council. They
evaluate, critique and suggest on what the soul could have done better and their highs and lows of the
life just lived. Souls are freely allowed to express their frustrations, desires and regrets on the life they
just lived and share their own perceptions on their most recent incarnation with their Spirit Guide and

It is at this point that souls return to their soul groups before visiting the “Library of Life.” In “Destiny of
Souls,” people undergoing hypnosis frequently describe a type of library that holds “Life Books,” books
for every soul that contain Harry Potter-style holographic pages representing ALL of your past lives. The
people who archive and organize these life books are ARCHIVISTS. When souls wish to review past lives
in order to learn from mistakes, victories or to help with the selection of a new life, they must first see the
Archivist who will locate their “Life Books” for them and assist them in finding the information they seek.

Souls may be assisted either by their own spirit guides, the Archivists, or both. Some spirits go to the
Library alone upon returning to the spirit world while others have spirit guides who routinely accompany
them. A guide might get his student soul started and then leave the room. When students are in these
study halls, they sometimes work in pairs, but mostly they do their research alone after being assisted
by the Archivists in finding the proper LIFE BOOKS. 

ARCHIVISTS have more to do than simply shelve and organize books, but “Destiny of Souls” doesn’t
cover more information about them. If you are the type of person who loves learning, research, and
organization, or if you work in a library or in any profession that requires the organization of large
amounts of data, you’d make a great Archivist. I would think Scrapbookers would be especially welcome.

After reviewing, evaluating and collating all of the information on not only their most recent incarnation,
but previous ones as well, they reunite with their Senior Spirit Guide to map and plan out their next
incarnation/lifetime on Earth. Souls return to the Council of Elders again with their Spirit Guide and share
their life plan which include the life lessons they need to learn in their next Earthly incarnation in order to
continue to grow as spirits and which not only advance their own spiritual advancement and evolution,
but that of the Creator as well. 

The Council of Elders will weigh in on that soul's life plan, make suggestions and confer with that soul's
Spirit Guide on the best timetable, type of host parents and even geographic location that would best
fulfill that future “life script”/lesson plan. Before returning to Earth, that soul may venture to “pleasure”
or “recreational” worlds for some badly needed rest and reflection before actually returning [see
previous reference]. It is after a visit to a world of relaxation that they go and see a TIME MASTER along
with their Spirit Guide who will enable this soul to (hopefully) attain and achieve the life lesson goals they
have set forth for themselves in their next Earth incarnation.

TIME MASTERS are an interesting group of advanced souls. They keep track of timelines on Earth – both
in the past and in the probable future. When a soul decides it is time to reincarnate on Earth, they visit
Time Masters to view the bodies/families they are deciding on in the environment of the future generally
from three (3) given choices viewed in the “Screening Room” at the “Ring of Destiny.” This is the place
of future life selection and is viewed on glowing energy screens where we first view our next body on
Earth in 5-year intervals; this constitutes the pre-birth life selection process.

The SCREENING ROOM displays all futuristic scenes of events including the people the soul will
encounter in the life to come including a possible “soulmate.” Many souls “recognize” that soulmate
when meeting him/her for the first time from "spiritual recognition" that is contained in the deepest
recesses of their subconscious mind which contain experiences from previous lifetimes that we had
with our soulmate. Each screen displays scenes of childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age.
This is called “scanning the timelines.” In addition to being shown various visions of potential
directions/life paths the soul might take, they are also shown "destiny points" (major/key events) to
assist them in their next Earthly incarnation. 

ABOVE ADVISORY = The SCREENING ROOM displays all futuristic scenes of events including the people the soul will
encounter in the life to come including a possible “soulmate” whom many souls “recognize” when meeting him/her
for the first time from the deepest recesses of their subconscious mind 

Important encounters are planned by the souls long before the bodies see each other.” – Paulo Coelho,
Eleven Minutes – A Novel (P.S.),” 2005, Brazilian writer and novelist [see advisory and illustration below]

Time Masters can also help a soul look at his or her own past and visit alternate timelines to see how a
different decision might have worked out differently while they are in the “Ring of Destiny.” While there
is no direct comparison on Earth for the skills required to be a Time Master, anyone who has a meticulous
and patient personality can become a Time Master, once they have become advanced enough for this
prestigious appointment. 

After "death," the soul must be reminded of its true identity. Those who have incarnated are living in a
constant state of "conscious amnesia"; they have forgotten who they really are, i.e., their "soul name."
Spiritual or Conscious Amnesia occurs as we travel down the birth canal.

This is because when a person incarnates and animates a new life on Earth, they agree to forget that
they are a soul who has taken on a body ("vessel" or "container") to experience life in the physical world
or "Explicate Order" of the "UNfolded universe" (single dimension) also known as the "coarse material

SOULS AGREE to this state of conscious amnesia because if people remembered their real home, they
would NOT want to live out their lives HERE on Earth, fulfill the missions they came here to perform, or
learn the lessons they intended to perform and learn. They might even seek out retribution/vengeance
on another incarnating soul who did them wrong/harm in another previous incarnation they had lived
thereby distracting them from the lessons they agreed to assume/complete in their present incarnation. 

ABOVE 2 ADVISORIES = In the Afterlife, all beings take the appearance of an oblate spheroid – the shape of our Universe
-- and we recognize others by their energy signature; The soul appears more like an [oblate spheroid] orb of light energy
though it is able to manifest a recognizable image resembling their former human form / As online blogger Damien Carrion
has noted: "It's ALL an illusion, so enjoy the show!”

ABOVE IMAGE = SOULS AGREE to this state of conscious amnesia because if people remembered their real home, they
would NOT want to live out their lives HERE on Earth, fulfill the missions they came here to perform, or learn the lessons
they intended to perform and learn

NOTE: If a person (soul) who has just crossed over (died) had a particularly, trying, violent or serious
lifetime illness, they are put into a "soul sleep" sometimes also referred to as "cocooning."

Given that particularly difficult or tragic life on Earth, their energy might be damaged and they are sent to
a RESTORATION CHAMBER prior to meeting their Spirit Guide(s). Restoration Masters are healers who
work with damaged energy. There could be blockages and voids caused by negative emotions or
physical damage (to the earth body) that need repairing once back in the spirit world.

Like surgeons on Earth, Restoration Masters examine particles of damaged energy, remove blockages
and infuse new energy into areas of voids. A Restoration Master can use their own energy, focused into
a beam as a tool to soften and reknit energy. Just as in modern medicine, Restoration Masters begin as
apprentices, learning the art and science of healing and their work is highly regarded and always in

If you are a doctor or nurse, acupuncturist, Reiki specialist, energy healer or just someone who always
felt drawn to the healing arts and health professions here on Earth, you might be or decide to become a 
Restoration Master in the spirit world.

The KEEPERS of NEUTRALITY are a subset of RESTORATION MASTERS – souls who
facilitate the healing of very damaged energy, particularly after an extremely difficult or
traumatic life. They “are skilled in non-interference.” They run a place called the
“SLUMBER CHAMBER” in the spirit world – a quiet, contemplative space for souls who
have been seriously damaged emotionally and energetically by their previous lives.
Typically, the types of souls that require this type of deep healing are more advanced
souls who have taken on extremely difficult or traumatic lives.

The healers work with the energy of their patients in a sort of anonymous, monastic way.
They observe their patients, and then regulate and infuse energy back into the soul.
This is a sort of deep, slow healing that requires patients and meticulous administration.
Because Earth can be a cruel and brutal place to incarnate, there are many types of
healing specialties. In order to become a Keeper of Neutrality, one must have a quiet,
resolute and patient demeanor.

It requires a lot of discipline along with the more surgical skills of the Restoration Master.
I am reminded of those monks who take weeks painstakingly creating beautiful mandalas
out of sand – without speaking – concentrating for hours just to destroy it once the last
piece of sand has been placed. If you have
that level of discipline, patience, facility for
meticulous work and a tolerance for solitude, this might be the soul specialty for you.


HOWEVER, if the life of the incoming soul/bioplasmic entity "died" due to Unnatural
causes which it initiated -- suicide, homicide/murder (it caused), suicide bomber,
members of a terrorist cell, and other various, assorted EVIL ACTS – and therefore
the essence of that soul is severely damaged, then spirit guides move in quickly,
and deliberately remove these maladapted, DISPLACED SOULS for an indeterminate
amount of time due to the negative, serious effects they would have on other incoming,
incarnated souls also arriving.

There are two (2) types of DISPLACED SOULS:
1) Those who refuse to accept their "death" and move on to the "afterlife" abode where they become 
known as "ghosts" or "demonic spirits" on Earth and ...
2) those who willingly pass over to "the other side" who then undergo separation protocols by their
guides for their evil acts from all other incoming spirits.

REDEEMERS of LOST SOULS are patient and wise souls who work with souls who have refused tocross over.” Souls can become obsessed with the living, or with a project left uncompleted, or because
rage or turmoil in the manner of passing is causing the soul to fixate on the Earth plane.

These souls are not “stuck” so much as they refuse to return to the spirit world. The important thing to
note is that we are never ever forced to do anything as souls. If we wish to stay on the Earth plane, or
stay in a self-imposed exile for a length of time, we are given the discretionary latitude to do so. We are
always the masters of our own energy.

However, Redeemers of Lost Souls are those guides who will attempt to make contact and counsel the
soul. If the soul is not ready to return after an attempt at contact, the Redeemer will check in on them
periodically until they are ready. If there is fear or rage preventing these souls from returning to the spirit
world, the Redeemer will attempt to help the soul work through their pain. Contrary to popular belief,
souls are never “stuck” nor “imprisoned” as ghosts wandering the earth.

Even if a soul feels stuck, it is always a self-imposed condition and Redeemers will always try to continue
to make contact with these souls in order to help. Redeemers are patient and extremely compassionate
souls, they have a deep interpersonal knowledge and understanding of soul (and human) psychology.
In many cases, Redeemers may have at one time been lost, torn souls themselves.

And then we have those spirits who travel interdimensionally who are considered to be “maladapts.”
They do not have any sensitivity to Earth nor are they knowledgeable about human beings and their
affairs. They are not bad nor evil, but basically just clumsy, mischievous children. The younger light
beings can get lost between and within dimensions. Their amusements on Earth distract them. These
pranksters consider Earth to be their playground where they can engage in devilish behavior with
susceptible, gullible people to whom they scare the hell out of.

They have a hilarious time before they are caught by one of the ROVERS aka “Tracker Guides” who are
sent to recapture these truants. These Rovers are a type of spiritual “bounty hunter” who track down,
locate and remand to their custody and care errant interdimensional traveling entities who are not where
they're supposed to be; Rovers are a subset of REDEEMERS of LOST SOULS. 

In Jane Robert’s 1994 channeled work, “SETH SPEAKS: The Eternal Validity of The Soul,” it is said that
many human beings incarnating on Earth do this sort of work while they sleep. Although this type of
work is rarely remembered upon waking, if you’ve ever had dreams where you were speaking with
people you don’t know in life, or dreamed that you were symbolically leading people out of harm’s way,
or searching for people, you might already be a Redeemer of Lost Souls. If you are a counselor or in a
similar type of profession on Earth, this might be a soul specialty that you might want to choose. 

ABOVE 3 IMAGES = In Jane Robert’s 1994 channeled work, “Seth Speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul,” many maxims
and truisms are shared from "the other side" with those of us on this side of reality via channeling

This impulse of DISPLACED, MALADAPTED SOULS to harm other souls on Earth where they caused
extreme suffering results in them NOT traversing the same travel routes as others souls do and instead
they are directed into seclusion as instructed by their spirit guides. 
This spiritual irregularity and deviation from the normal exodus of souls from Earth is necessary so they
won't mix with other entities for quite some time while they are remanded to individual spiritual isolation
in order to intensify their learning/counseling under close supervision by their Teacher-Guides. 

"It's better to reign in Hell than to serve in Heaven!” – From “Paradise Lost” by John Milton, 17th Century
English poet who wrote this epic poem in blank verse published in 1667 AD [see advisory below]

Maladjusted spirits are NOT allowed to reincarnate again until their seclusion and reindoctrination is
deemed consistent with their being a suitable candidate for another lifetime of experiences in the
physical world. There is NO residence of terrible suffering ["Hell"] for souls, except on Earth. ALL souls
go to one (1) spirit world where everyone is treated with patience, love, understanding and compassion.

"Hell is empty and all the devils are here!” – Quote from William Shakespeare's romantic comedy “The
Tempest” from 1611 [see advisory and illustration below]

Hell” and other imaginary places of eternal persecution/damnation are outdated human conceptions
designed to frighten susceptible, gullible people into religious interpretations of what proper conduct
is considered to be in any particular lifetime.

"The fact that there's a highway to Hell and only a stairway to Heaven says a lot about anticipated traffic
numbers! Just sayin'....” – Mid Life Crisis Diva [see below illustration]

Just as there are many countries on Earth, there are seven (7) planes of existence in the afterlife. The
vast, overwhelming majority of us go to what is called “The Plane of Illusion” which is the third (3rd)
plane or level in the afterlife.

Only the worst of the worst go to the lower astral levels of one (1) or two (2) where they are in a constant
state of agony, stress and mental numbness in this “gray” or dark world; eventually, they progress to
higher levels w/ the aid of spiritual helpers and guides. Though there is NO “Hell,” these lower astral
levels would be the closest thing to our concept of it.

Planes or levels 1 – 6 are inhabited by souls according to their spiritual progress, development and their
current spiritual evolutionary status. The seventh “Plane of The Spirit Realm” is the domain of The
Creating Consciousness. This final plane not only lies outside of time, but is outside of the physical
universe. It is the passage from form into formlessness. It is an existence that has NO need to express
itself in a any kind of shape. The soul(s) who enter into the 7th state/plane/level pass into the beyond and
become ONE with the Supreme Creating Intelligence. 
[see graphic organizer of a STRUCTURED OVERVIEW below]

There IS a difference between wrongdoing with NO premeditated desire to hurt someone and INTENTIONAL
EVIL. The degrees of harm done to others from mischief to purposeful malevolence are carefully evaluated
by Teacher-Guides. Those souls associated with extreme evil are taken to special spiritual centers who
some call "intensive care units." 
These are centers of healing and rejuvenation in the spirit world, and these therapeutic areas are AWAY
from the general soul population for intense directed therapy by Teacher-Guides. In the Afterlife, there
are always opportunities for solitary reflection and counseling by our soul companions, guides and
masters after such a life of evil acts. NO human being is born evil, but souls can become contaminated
by imperfections and mental damage to their host bodies, especially to the less-advanced soul.

There are mechanisms in place for spiritual contrition for people who have severely hurt others during a
lifetime, but going to purgatory or “Hell” is NOT one of them. Karmic adjustments for past behavior will
occur in our future lives, usually chosen by the offending souls themselves who -- with help -- will select
certain bodies to learn specific life lessons. 
If rehabilitation fails, these particular souls may spend a very long time in a solitary spiritual existence,
quite possibly more than 1,000+ Earth years. This is NOT considered "punishment" nor even penance
as much as an opportunity for KARMIC GROWTH. There is NO "Hell" for souls ... except perhaps on
Earth. This is an earthly misguided construct with NO factual basis to support it. 
At some point, if it's decided that they canNOT be returned to Earth, then they are returned to "The
SOURCE" (or "God") where their energy is REmodeled to make it whole again while still retaining the
core essence of traits that comprised that former, original sentient being. SOUL ENERGY canNOT be
destroyed, but it CAN be REshaped and purified of earthly contaminants.

The price we pay for our MISdeeds and the rewards received for GOOD CONDUCT revolve around the
laws of KARMA. Perpetrators of harm to others will do penance by setting themselves up as future
victims in a KARMIC CYCLE of justice. Our future destiny is influenced by a past from which we canNOT
escape, especially when we injure others. [see 3 informational advisories below]

KARMA: NO need for revenge. Just sit back and wait ... Those who hurt you will screw up themselves,
and if you're lucky, God will let you watch!” – author Unknown [see advisory below]

The Bhagavad Gita, an early Eastern 700-verse Hindu scripture circa 200 BCE - 200 CE
(or AD), has a passage which states: "Souls of EVIL influence must redeem their VIRTUE."

-- Part #2 of 4 --


Religious Terms: SOUL / SPIRIT 

Semyon Kirlian discovered a type of energy structure infusing and surrounding the body of all living
things in 1939 in Russia, after noticing its appearance around patients while undergoing electro-therapy.
Kirlian and his wife then spent the next 25 years developing the technology with which to study this
energy structure. 

Using Kirlian technology, biophysicists and biochemists were then able to study this energy structure
using an electron microscope. In 1968, scientists in Russia officially announced the discovery of a new
energy system in all living things. Biochemists say that this energy body is, "some sort of elementary
plasma-like constellation made of ionized particles ... not a chaotic system, but a whole unified organism
in itself." 
The scientists studying this energy body called it "BIO-PLASMA ENERGY." It was further discovered,
under closer examination, that this bio-plasma body had certain points of intense energy that
corresponded exactly to the 700 main points of the ancient Chinese acupuncture chart.                                                                                           
Due to developments from the Kirlians' bio-plasma technology, electronic aids to accurately mark
acupuncture points are being used by medical laboratories around the world to treat patients. This is
hard evidence that the existence of the bio-plasma body is real and that it is intimately related to our
physical body. 

Just as the oblate spheroid or oval/spiral shape is a recurring shape/theme in our Universe, the
bio-plasmic or “soul”/”spirit” is shaped very much like this once it disengages from its Earthly container /
host physical body. The soul appears more like an orb of light energy though it is able to manifest a
recognizable image resembling their former human form. [see 7 illustrations below]

"Every living thing placed in the high-frequency discharge produces these patterns. A whole hand can
look like the Milky Way, sparking and twinkling against a glowing background of gold and blue. A freshly
picked leaf shines with an internal light that streams out through its pores in beams that gradually flick
out one by one as it dies. Leaves taken from the plants of the same species show similar jeweled patterns,
but if one of the plants is diseased, the pattern in its leaf is entirely different. Similarly the pattern
produced by the same fingertip changes with the mood and health of the man to whom it belongs." 
A pattern can have an intrinsic meaning that is more profound than just its appearance. Kirlian also
thought about a deeper meaning attached to the BIO-PLASMIC patterns: 
"In living things, we see the signals of the inner state of the organism reflected in the brightness, dimness
and color of the flares. The inner life activities of the human being are written in these 'light' hieroglyphs.
We've created an apparatus to write the hieroglyphs, but to read them, were going to need help."

The discovery of the BIO-PLASMA BODY was nothing new to mystics and psychics; they had always
known of its existence and some can even see it. They call it the human "AURA." Cambridge biologist
Oscar Bagnell designed special hollow lenses filled with a colored dye that sensitized his eyes and
enabled him to view the aura first hand. 
His description of the human aura is like those describing the bio-plasma body seen using the Kirlian
technology. Bagnell describes the aura as being composed of a hazy outer layer and a brighter inner
layer, in which there seems to be striations running out at right angles from the skin. Bagnell and other
aura watchers say that every once in a while a much brighter ray "reaches out from the aura like a
searchlight" and extends several feet from the body before vanishing again. 
The BIO-PLASMA BODY has been observed as "a whole unified organism in itself," and just as the
human biological organism has a brain and nervous system that produces consciousness, it stands to
reason that the bio-plasma organism would have a corresponding structure that would produce
As its correspondence with acupuncture has shown, the BIO-PLASMA BODY is connected with, and an
EXTENSION OF THE BIOLOGICAL BODY; and again it stands to reason that there must be something in
the bio-plasma body that has to do with the brain and nervous system of the biological body. The
bio-plasma body, in short, should contain some extension or alternative plane of consciousness to the

Our brains form neuronal patterns from our experience. In a similar way, it is likely that our bio-plasma
"brain" would also form patterns from our experience. Biochemists describe the bio-plasma as an
organized constellation, so we can see that the concept of pattern-formation fits neatly into the
Since the brain is quite capable of recording our experiences and permitting analytical thought, it follows
that the soul would exist for other purposes. Since the soul must have a purpose, it could be that the soul
records the essence of experience and therefore the essence of personality. On our journey through life,
we will go through life-altering, epiphanic moments and profound realizations aka “cosmic

When we think of our own life, and others we know, we may recall the milestones or turning points that
have come from the lessons of life. These episodic moments are things a soul would want to keep on its
journey through its many lifetimes. These landmark events are NOT simply memories (neuronal-brain
structures), but are paradigms of consciousness, that is, a new way of seeing, a new way of being, a new
plane of awareness, and an evolution of consciousness. 

A PARADIGM is a set of ideas and conditions in a society that forms an overall theme or pattern. A
PARADIGM SHIFT is a new pattern or model, which occurs when deeply entrenched patterns of thought
undergo a radical change, often with UNsettling or threatening consequences to the established social
order and to the protective organs of the body politic. Thus, we gain a NEW perceptual and conceptual
model to base our experience on, and a new pattern of self is recorded in the bio-plasma as a memory of
the soul. 
In times of mystical awareness, transcendent states or higher consciousness, our consciousness
would likely be operating through the soul. When we elevate our awareness to the soul, we would
experience true “knowing” of self (our larger, many lifetimes, ancient self); hence the phrase from a
Gnostic text that says: “You have within you, everlasting life, examine yourself, so you may live.”
If we ascend to our soul – the self we realize – we become the Higher Self that never dies, because this is
the self that is reincarnated. The stages achieved toward our power of awareness (our evolving soul)
would need to be “saved” through reincarnation. In our lifetimes, we would always partly be living
through our soul, so a part of us will never die, but our destiny would be to become – as much as
possible – our eternal or divine self. 
The SOUL: The container or vessel is the essence of a person's nature and its collected consciousness
and the vehicle for the eternal self ... the bio-plasma body. Your “SOUL MEMORY CODE” is an energetic
repository you carry that is imprinted with the experiences of ALL of your past lives. Quite simply, you
are a product of your most significant past-life experiences.

UNresolved elements of one or more past lives that are embedded in your soul memory code can lead to
anxiety, avoidance, physical symptoms, incarceration in federal or state prison for a life of crime due to
maladaptive, anti-social behavior, and even more.

In each incarnation, you are a composite of three (3) aspects:

(1) Your archetype is the perpetual foundation [“soul memory code”] that remains UNchanged from
lifetime to lifetime;
(2) Your life blueprint or “life script,” on the other hand, does change from lifetime to lifetime to further
your soul progress and spiritual development; 
(3) Your life script/blueprint in a particular body with a specific human personality is designed
intentionally to help you achieve the agreed-upon goals contained in your life script for your current
incarnation agreed to by your Spirit Guide and Council of Elders.  

Here is the simple yet complex truth about soul evolution: your soul has an overarching intention that
carries over from one lifetime to the next. Each lifetime has a separate blueprint or “life script” that
expands and enhances your soul evolution. The further up in soul development you climb, the more
say/input you have in the writing/creation of your next life script. 

ABOVE ADVISORY = Quotation by OSHO, controversial Indian mystic, guru and spiritual teacher from the 20th Century
-- Part #3 of 4 -- 



New Age Term: REINCARNATION = From its Latin roots, the word “reincarnate” literally means “to enter
the flesh again.” It means that after “death,” the soul begins a new cycle of existence in another human
body, male or female.

Scientific Term: METEMPSYCHOSIS                                                         
METEMPSYCHOSIS: From the Greek term "Metempsychousthai" for "meta" =
to "animate" from "en+psyche" = soul = "to undergo or animate from the soul" 
The philosopher David Hume said, in his essay "Of the Immortality of the Soul: 'Metempsychosis'
[reincarnation] is ... the only [survival] system of this kind that philosophy can hearken to." 

Standard Term: RELIGION

RELIGION: From the Latin verb “religare” which means “to tie back, to hold back, to bind or shackle,
i.e., to thwart from forward progress”; a human system of norms and values based on a belief in a
superhuman order; some religions are THEISTIC – they believe in a God or gods while other religions
are NON-THEISTIC – they do NOT believe in a God or gods. [see 3 illustrations below]

THEISM: Belief in God/gods; God is a divine power worthy of worship1) Monotheism: belief in one (1) God, e.g., Judaism, Islam, Christianity (the three Abrahamic religions)2) Polytheism: belief in more than one (1) god, e.g., Hinduism3) Ethicalism: belief in moral/ethical principals that possess a sacred quality, e.g., Buddhism,
Confucianism, Shintoism

ABOVE 6 IMAGES = Monotheism: belief in one (1) God, e.g., Judaism, Islam, Christianity (the three Abrahamic religions)

ABOVE ADVISORY = Quote from "Inside The Divine Pattern" by Anthony D Williams, British author, researcher and

ABOVE ADVISORY = TRUISM: “Religion is crowd control while spirituality is a personal relationship with
the Universe.”

ABOVE 4 IMAGES = In SPIRITUALITY, NON-Dualism, also called NON-Duality, means "not two" or "one undivided
without a second." NON-Dualism primarily refers to a mature state of consciousness, in which the separation of "I" vs
"other" is "transcended," and awareness is described as "centerless" and "without dichotomies." The concept is that ALL
should be ONE (NON-Duality) vs DUALITY e.g., spiritual/religious, right/wrong, good/evil, matter/mind, self/other,
physical/metaphysical, etc., then one can achieve peace, wholeness, oneness, and a healthy mind/brain connection.
Separation and distinction (duality) must be eliminated so we can be ONE with everyone – “Unitive Consciousness” –
and at peace with the world and the Universe. The three (3) Abrahamic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – are
all examples of DUALITY, i.e., "Our BELIEF system is RIGHT and ALL others are WRONG!" 

RELATED TERM: SHEEPLE: A portmanteau word of “sheep” and “people” [suitcase word], it is a term in
which people are likened to sheep, a herd animal. The term in a religious context is used to describe
those who voluntarily acquiesce to a suggestion/directive made at a sermon during Sunday church
service without any critical thinking, analysis or independent research by the listeners. They undermine
their own individuality and may unwittingly give up their rights. 

PRAYER also known as “MAGICAL THINKING” or “Superstitious Thinking” / “prayer” is derived from the
Latin adjective “precaria” meaning “to beg, ask, pray”

MAGICAL THINKING: The belief that events or the behavior of others can be influenced by one's
thoughts, wishes or rituals, e.g., kneeling in prayer. It involves making causal connections or correlations
between two (2) events NOT based on logic nor evidence, but primarily based on superstition or wishful
thinking, e.g., praying for good, clear weather on one's wedding day vs those who want rain during an
extended drought … whose (petitionary) prayer should God fulfill?!

NOTE: Definition is from the American Psychological Association (APA) Dictionary of Psychology, p. 548

The 3 Types of PRAYER:
Direct Prayer: Praying for a single event or a person to go a certain way
Indirect Prayer: Praying for “world peace” or “giving grace” at the dinner table; prayer in a general sense
Petitionary Prayer: Praying as part of a group for a person in ill health or a world event to go one way or
the other sometimes referred to as “focused intent” or “directed will”

NOTE: See below for three (3) advisories on “MAGICAL THINKING”

ABOVE 3 IMAGES = MAGICAL THINKING: The belief that events or the behavior of others can be influenced by one's
thoughts, wishes or rituals, e.g., kneeling in prayer. It involves making causal connections or correlations between
two (2) events NOT based on logic nor evidence, but primarily based on superstition or wishful thinking, e.g., praying
for good, clear weather on one's wedding day vs those who want rain during an extended drought … whose
(petitionary) prayer should God fulfill?!
NOTE: Definition is from the American Psychological Association (APA) Dictionary of Psychology, p. 548

PRONOIA: It is the opposite of PARANOIA: It is the belief that everything in the Universe is conspiring in
your favor and meant to support you. PRONOIA is a relatively newly coined term that is defined as the
opposite state of mind as paranoia: it's having the sense/feeling that there is a conspiracy that exists to
help people; it's also used to describe a philosophy that the world is set up to secretly benefit people.

"When you want something, all of the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho,
Brazilian lyricist, writer and novelist [see advisory and illustration below]

PRONOIA is the antidote for paranoia. It's the understanding that the Universe is fundamentally friendly.
It's a mode of training your senses and intellect so you're able to perceive the fact that life always gives
YOU exactly WHAT you need, and exactly WHEN you need it.

"Life is about choices and hovering in the middle can be extremely frightening. Remember, once you
make a decision, the Universe will conspire to make it happen … but YOU must choose.” – Ralph Waldo
Emerson, American essayist, lecturer and poet of the 19th Century [see advisory and illustration below]

PANPSYCHISM: Gustav Fechner developed a doctrine of PANPSYCHISM. It is the belief that mind or
consciousness is everywhere. Fechner's panpsychism carried with it the notion of a “world soul,” “world
mind,” “universal mind,” “global mind” or “world memory” of which everything is a part. In panpsychism, everything is conscious to some extent; consciousness is a general property of matter, and everything has
a degree or element of mind or consciousness which exists on the atomic level. This is closely related toThe Akashic Record” or the record of EVERYthing that was, is and that will be is contained in this
universal cache of knowledge.

EVERYthing. The Sun, the Moon, the Earth, the planets, the oceans, every animal, every tree, every bird,
flower, grass, rock, river, mountain, building, every grain of sand, every book, every computer chip, cloud,
drop of water, even your toaster and lawn mower … EVERYthing is alive! FULLY ALIVE as nothing is inert.
Spiritual energy is infused in absolutely everything. Everyone and everything has both a physical and
spiritual component that serve each other in a symbiotic relationship. 

There are five (5) levels of consciousness:

LATENT or INHERENT CONSCIOUSNESS: The 118 elements of the Periodic Table w/ a HIGH DENSITY
content/structure, e.g., rocks, minerals, etc., all of which could be viewed and understood as a collection
of particles that each have their own very simple form of consciousness imbued in their structure from
the Universal Consciousness responsible for everything.

BASIC CONSCIOUSNESS: This includes simple living organisms like the plant and insect kingdoms. Life at
this level can just sustain itself with a limited degree of consciousness.

SIMPLE CONSCIOUSNESS: This range includes lower lifeforms such as rodents, birds, reptiles and fish.
At this level, lifeforms are instinctual and reactionary to their environment, but lack an awareness of their
ability to have an influence over their surroundings.

SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS: These are lifeforms who recognize themselves as distinct entities apart from
their physical surroundings with the awareness of their ability to consciously alter their environment. This
is the level of consciousness that HUMANS have reached. 

NOTE: While many believe that humans are the only lifeforms on the planet to reach this state, others feel
a significant portion of higher forms of mammals have also reached this state of consciousness. Animals
from dolphins to whales to primates to elephants have all demonstrated the ability to reason and exhibit
emotions for life outside of their own. 

UNIVERSAL or COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS: This is the stage or level at which your soul operates and lives
in after “death.” Lifeforms that exist in this dimension have an energy body and live in a world that is as
physical and real to them as Earth is to you. This is a state that brings intellectual enlightenment with a full
awareness of the life and order of the Universe.

At this level, you operate from a conviction and knowledge base that ALL things are comprised of energy,
life is eternal and the soul is immortal. There's an elevation of mortality, an absence of the fear of death
and a clear understanding of the singularity (that the “Afterlife” plane and Earth plane exists together
simultaneously, but just at different vibrational frequencies). At very advanced stages, individuals can
operate in both the physical world and spiritual dimension. 

[see 2 below illustrations]

With some perfect examples to further illustrate the concept of PANPSYCHISM, this section briefly
builds on, enhances and reinforces that concept w/ images of it that we see in nature every day. 
Please examine the following 10 (ten) images below carefully and fully read the accompanying text.          

NOTE: Photo of a herd of WILDEBEESTS which perfect illustrates the complex stream of consciousness which enables
this herd to move in unison as if were one single organism rather than many.        

NOTE: While many will be in awe of how this school of fish encircles the sole scuba diver, what should also be noted
is that the school of fish also mimics the spiral/oblate spheroid shape which is prevalent throughout the vast cosmos.  

NOTE: This school of fish not only represents the ever present spiral shape that pervades our Universe, but also
closely resembles many of the spiral-shaped cacti pictured earlier as well as some galaxies and the human EYE!
Please also note the perfect synchronous "dance" pattern that this school of fish moves in consistent with the
unified consciousness matrix which has embedded itself in EVERYthing in the material, physical realm. 

ABOVE 4 IMAGES: The way birds manage to fly in formation -- moving as if they're one unified organism -- is easily
explained. Their souls connect through a continuum of a complex consciousness matrix which allows these birds to
choreograph a perfect, synchronous flight pattern. The same explanation is also true for schools of fish, herds of
animals and other life forms which travel in synchronous formation as an example of SIMPLE CONSCIOUSNESS. 

When consciousness is placed as the foundation of the Universe, mysteries that couldn't be solved from a
materialistic perspective practically solve themselves. Beyond the aforementioned example of inexplicable
animal group behavior, the more general idea of animal instincts -- which has never been adequately
explained -- can be easily explained as soul guidance from the consciousness embedded in these examples
of SIMPLE CONSCIOUSNESS by The Prime Architect.

(NOTE: See previous section on "The Five (5) Levels of Consciousness")

NOTE: The very small size of the spider's head when compared to the rest of its body. 

NOTE: Appreciate the intricate design and perfect spacing of the strands from a single spider engineer! 

NOTE: The perfect positioning of the spider web over the center of the river designed for maximum food capture
and all of this done withOUT the benefit of an engineering degree from MIT or CalTech! 

NOTE: The perfect center positioning of this spider web over a pond led to a maximum food capture of insects all
thanx to the brilliant spider engineers and amazing architects!

NOTE: Not only should the highly intricate pattern be noted, but the height and center positioning as well should
be appreciated for maximum food capture as evidenced in the previous image! 

ABOVE 6 IMAGES: One can only marvel at the way little spiders can build intricate webs with brilliantly devised
supporting strands. Some spiders even build support strands that cross a river and are perfectly positioned over
the center of the river where flying insects are common and can be caught! This clever positioning of spider webs
is very common in backyard gardens where -- much like the ones over a river -- can often span a wide area. Often
the head of a spider is as small as the head of a pin making the source of such engineering knowledge needed to
build magnificently complex spider webs INexplicable from the materialistic point of view. 

However, since consciousness is formless and NONphysical, the functional portion that knows how to
build spider webs can easily reside inside a spider head regardless of how small it is. We live in a world
in which nature has countless marvels to consider, and so many of those wonders elude explanation
by materialistic science. However, a consciousness-based perspective of reality provides sensible
answers to complex issues and problems materialistic science will NEVER solve! 

BELOW 2 IMAGES = The images and chart below further expands on levels of consciousness in the
lower and higher realms. The great Serbian-American inventor, engineer and futurist spoke about a
"core of knowledge" located in our Universe ... it is from this "core of knowledge" that the animal
kingdom is able to use/access which in turn enables it to move in perfect sync and harmony as a unified
organism employing the universal consciousness matrix located within this knowledge core.

But eons before Roman times, many ancient cultures – both Eastern and in the West – had already
enshrined reincarnation as the cornerstone of their belief systems. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism,
mystical subsets of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, as well as many indigenous cultures of the world,
not only recognize the existence of the soul, but also seek to aid and abet its sacred journey from one
life to the next.

And beyond religions, science and spirituality have begun to find common ground: quantum physics
now posits that energy exists that is so infinitesimally small, and moving so rapidly that it is nearly
impossible to measure, let alone view.

The best known example of signal nonlocality within quantum entanglement being a property of both
time and space is the accumulated data on identical human twins – separated at birth and raised apart.
Nonetheless, they show striking similarities in their tastes, interests, spouses, experiences and
professions way beyond what one could reasonably ascribe to their DNA and mere “coincidence”
frequently termed “synchronicity = meaningful coincidence” first coined by the late parapsychologist,
Dr Carl Jung who is responsible for the basic framework/model of today's "12-Step" self-help, recovery

As a brief aside, the "secret" language employed by twins is termed IDIOGLOSSIA which is an invented
form of speech whose meaning is known only to the inventors/users sometimes referred to as "twin
language" aka "autonomous speech" or "cryptophasia." This idiosyncratic form of communication –
which often times emerges spontaneously between twins -- is invariably only a deviant form of the local
mother-tongue, i.e., the endoglossic (primary) language spoken in that geographic locale. 

ABOVE 3 ADVISORIES = The best known example of signal nonlocality within quantum entanglement being a property
of both time and space is the accumulated data on identical human twins – separated at birth and raised apart.
Nonetheless, they show striking similarities in their tastes, interests, spouses, experiences and professions way beyond
what one could reasonably ascribe to their DNA and mere “coincidence” frequently termed synchronicity = meaningful

SYNCHRONICITY a term coined by the late parapsychologist, Dr Carl Jung who is responsible for the basic
framework/model of today's "12-Step" self-help, addiction and recovery programs which provides a pathway toward
psychological and spiritual integration. [see informational advisory below]

The logical extension is that it is NOT so hard to extrapolate from there that soul energy is REAL, and
that it exists even though it is too physically small to measure.
OF THE SOUL and OF SUICIDE" – By David Hume [Paperback / Author], Richard H. Popkin (Editor) 
Some philosophers, psychologists and thinkers admit that reincarnation is a very sensible idea
because it would answer so many questions and problems about human existence. The idea of
reincarnation has existed for thousands of years. Hinduism, Buddhism and New Age beliefs adhere
to forms of reincarnation, but all hold somewhat differing ideas to its purpose and its methods.
Approximately 20% of American Christians subscribe to reincarnation, and another 22% of American
Christians are “not sure” but open to the idea of reincarnation.Hinduism, in short, believes in an eternal soul that accumulates karma during its lifetime that eventually
attracts the soul to another body, which may or may not be human, i.e., one might incarnate as a lower
life form such as an animal, a non-sentient being.Buddhism is similar, except there is NO eternal personal soul that is reincarnated, but instead the
energy force created by karma is that which is reincarnated. The goal of Buddhism is to become free of
the illusion of self, which is part of the desire for life that creates karma and therefore causes
reincarnation. Unlike Hinduism, Buddhism does NOT believe humans reincarnate as lower life forms,
i.e., NON-sentient beings, e.g., the animal kingdom.Both Buddhist and Hindu teach that there is NO separation in consciousness. Modern physics shows
that the Universe is non-local – photons and elementary particles remain correlated/interconnected even
at great distances enabling the immediate transference of information instantaneously over vast
distances of space-time. One's awareness fills all of space-time.

Nirvana is total annihilation of the self to become the One at which point there is an end to reincarnation
and an extinction of the personal self. New Age beliefs are less dogmatic, but still have certain ideas
associated with reincarnation; sometimes much to do, it seems, with personal taste.

If we look carefully, we can find scientific evidence of the structures which allow reincarnation to exist.
And if we study these structures we should be able to find exactly HOW reincarnation works and to
determine what will happen to us after we die. 

REINCARNATION, or METEMPSYCHOSIS, is the transfer, or migration, of the soul from one body to
another body. To sustain the personal soul, the soul can only go to a body without a soul, that is, to an
unborn human child. (NOTE: Human, NOT animal, because evolution of consciousness is an ascension –
humans have higher consciousness than animals, therefore there is NO point in evolving backwards). 

As we read on the “SOUL” page, a human being has a BIO-PLASMA BODY, which the evidence tells us
must contain a structure of consciousness – the soul. The soul has structured the bio-plasma by
recording the essence of a person's life experience. Because bio-plasma is a property of living matter,
an unborn child would also have a bio-plasma, but would not yet have had any concrete experiences
that would form a soul structure in the bio-plasma. At a certain stage the unborn human child, in short,
does NOT yet have a soul.

Therefore, when a person dies, their soul must be transmitted to an unborn child, which then structures
the bio-plasma of the child with the bio-plasmic pattern of the dying person's soul. The death and transfer
are part of the method of the evolution of consciousness. 
Many mystics, such as Eileen Garrett, a well-known clairvoyant, have seen spirals of energy leaving the
dead body. However, although a transfer of energy may also accompany reincarnation, we know that the
pattern of the soul has to be transmitted. In August 1986, Sydney University's scientific research team
discovered a “low level” energy field. 
The field was described as being possibly the Universal or Unified Field, and was able to transmit
energy patterns from one natural source to another and produce a physical formation of those patterns. 

The Science/Art Research Center in Berri, South Australia confirmed this when researchers there
successfully replicated the experiment conducted at Sydney University [Ref: Mark Balfour. “Simply
Living,” Vol. 3, No. 10. P.86.]. The soul, to transmit from one bio-plasma to another, needs to transmit its
pattern, so the discovery of this energy field reveals a fundamental structure for reincarnation. 
What's really astounding about all of these discoveries is that they took so long! It's “only” been taught
by spiritualists and philosophers for centuries, but it is interesting to see examples of science catching
up with ancient spirituality.  The fusion/blending/telescoping of contemporary science, ancient mysticism
and current religious thought is termed ”CONTEMPLATIVE NEUROSCIENCE.” 

INCUBATOR MOTHERS have an interesting job similar to what nurses and doctors in a pediatric ward.
According to Dr. Newton’s research, new souls are “sparked” off of a mass of divine energy from theDivine Egg” located within the “Divine Womb” of the Creator. No two souls are the same and after these
small white masses of energy are “born.” Incubator Mothers have the responsibility for nurturing and
guiding the energy in order to allow it to develop to the soul’s full potential. Although the symbolism with
human birth is evident, the similarities stop there.

ABOVE IMAGE = Once a woman becomes pregnant, the combined parental energy is beamed/sent to the spirit world
where it is received and cataloged by “Record Keepers.” During pregnancy, the spirit normally comes and goes from the
fetus until the time of birth. It also serves as the final opportunity for last-minute training and direct interaction with
our soul family. The EXACT time the soul finally locks into place seems to vary, but most regressed patients agree that
they are “clocked in” at the 3/4-month mark into the womb and then stay put until birth. The PRECISE TIME and PLACE
of birth is decided on by a Council of Elders since they know the importance of TIMING for the new life.

ABOVE IMAGE = New souls are “sparked” off of a mass of divine energy from the “Divine Egg” located within theDivine Womb” of the Creator. No two souls are the same and after these small white masses of energy are “born.”
INCUBATOR MOTHERS have the responsibility for nurturing and guiding the energy in order to allow it to develop to
the soul’s full potential. NURSERY TEACHERS care for young souls who have left the incubation area, but haven’t yet
begun to incarnate on any world.

The souls who work with newly-developing soul energy probably have many skills that can’t even be
adequately explained in human language, nor does it have an analogy here, but if you are the type of
person who is nurturing, compassionate and has a fondness for little ones or work in a healing capacity
such as nursing, hospice or obstetrics, this might be a great soul specialty in which to develop your own
soul skills. 


The best way to present the soul's development is to put it in terms of our own physical growth.

1) The first stage a soul goes through when incarnating in the physical world is called The INFANT STAGE.
The INFANT STAGE lasts for approximately the first 20% of your lifetimes. During this stage, the soul's
primary focus is adapting to the heavy density of the physical world. INFANT SOULS experience lessons in
survival and environmental awareness. They incarnate into lives of simplicity as new experiences often
terrify rather than motivate them. INFANT SOULS who are right out of the Divine Womb and being so new
to the Earthly experience truly do NOT know the difference between right and wrong and often times act
out with violence and extreme cruelty. They typically do NOT seek out higher education, need to be forced
to better themselves, act out of lust instead of love, and treat animals poorly. Most of our state and federal
prisons are filled with INFANT SOULS. Roughly, 15% of the world's population are INFANT SOULS.

2) Once a soul has assimilated to the density of the physical world it grows into what is called The BABY
STAGE. This stage takes the soul roughly through the next 10% of its incarnations. The primary focus of
BABY SOULS is belonging. For this, they experience lessons involving rules, law and order, and acceptable
societal norms and social behavior. BABY SOULS often become pillars of the community, but don't handle
opposing views well. They become easily bewildered and angry, expressing hostility, belligerence and
negative emotional energy. They tend to seek higher education predominantly in the liberal arts. BABY
STAGE souls make up approximately 25% of the population.

3) Advancing to the next stage, a soul reaches The YOUNG STAGE, which carries it through the next 30%
of the soul's incarnations. A YOUNG SOUL finds itself focused on independence. It will experience life
lessons that deal with self-advancement, personal achievement, and free will. Many YOUNG SOULS are in
a state of UNrest and tend to reside in urban locations. They are socially polished and become the movers
and shakers of society, driven hard to achieve much. A YOUNG SOUL is the type that pushes to get you to
change your point of view to theirs, and if not, at least understand where they're coming from. The most
valuable spiritual lessons are learned during this stage, but it's also the stage where most mistakes are
made. YOUNG STAGE souls account for ~50% of the population.

And now after a soul has gone through and finished about 60% of its total incarnations, it's time to advance
to The MATURE STAGE which will take it to about 85% of its total Earthly incarnations that it will do. At this
stage the primary focus becomes co-existing with others. Life lessons include experiences that relate to
interdependence, empathy, intimacy and self-awareness. For many souls, the MATURE STAGE can be the
most difficult as it requires a lot of introspection. There are hard lessons to be learned at this stage causing
MATURE SOULS to question life's motives. During this stage, the MATURE SOUL realizes it's pursuing
internal questions, but is UNclear what it seeks causing confusion and frustration. As a result, MATURE
SOULS tend to live in tranquil communities or isolated environments. Only about 7% of the population
today are MATURE SOULS.

Finally, at the end of the reincarnation cycle, one reaches The OLD SOUL STAGE. Calling someone an “OLD
SOUL” is a common, overly-used expression, but is typically MISused. Only about 3% of the population are
in the OLD SOUL STAGE. This is the final stage of lessons in the physical world, and carries the souls
through its final 15% of lifetimes. You can probably guess what the primary focus for OLD SOULS is: learning
to become part of the singularity, i.e., that the physical and astral planes actually co-exist together, but at
different frequencies of energy vibration. HIGH-FREQUENCY + LOW DENSITY = the astral plane or theAfterlife” vs LOW-FREQUENCY + HIGH DENSITY = the Earth plane/physical world.

OLD SOULS are faced with life events that teach life lessons abut autonomy, non-attachment and spiritual
awareness. People who are OLD SOULS have an overall casual sense about life, and look you directly in the
eye with a penetrating stare when speaking. They share wisdom and love to explore the world. OLD SOULS
work hard and are profound creators. They recognize the temporary nature of their material achievements,
so they bounce from one project to another. OLD SOULS long for spiritual evolution and are very sensual
and affectionate.

An OLD SOUL sees the beautiful immortal soul in everyone. An advanced spirit does NOT ask for more
than it needs; it knows that whatever it needs, the Universe will provide. OLD, ADVANCED SOULS see the
perfection of each situation and each experience. They find perfection in everything. Wherever they look,
they see the miracles of life. And just life a superhero, advanced spiritual growth brings a higher level of
responsibility. The more you understand, the greater accountability to your soul, and the greater the

It's sort of like knowledge of the law. The more you know, the less you can claim ignorance. If you break the
law with the full knowledge and understanding of it, the accountability is greater than if you broke the law
out of ignorance.

0% = The ELDERS (no longer necessary to incarnate into a physical body)

0% = WORLD POPULATION is in The ELDERS STAGE (they exist in the astral plane ONLY)

NOTE: Please SCROLL DOWN to view, absorb and better understand the above text via the four (4) graphic
organizers which appear below; if you are a visual learner, this will supplement the written text and enrichen
your understanding of SOUL DEVELOPMENT. 

ABOVE GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS OF 4 SEMANTIC FEATURE ANALYSIS = For very young souls, it will be thousands of years
before they come to a difficult place like Earth, so Nursery Teachers will help them learn how to function as an energy
being in non-physical or semi-physical environments first

NURSERY TEACHERS care for young souls who have left the incubation area, but haven’t yet begun to
incarnate on any world. Once a new soul is created, they are NOT immediately thrust into a physical
incarnation. Earth is such a difficult, harsh world for training that it is best that many new souls are
allowed time in adjusting to planetary life as discarnates. Like kindergarten teachers, Nursery Teachers
need to be patient and wise, but also be able to assess and encourage the unique skills of each
developing soul.

For very young souls, it will be thousands of years before they come to a difficult place like Earth, so
Nursery Teachers will help them learn how to function as an energy being in non-physical or
semi-physical environments first. They require a lot of love and encouragement, and like your own
favorite elementary teacher, they are venerated and beloved by all souls. Do you love small children?
Are you patient, kind and compassionate? If the answer is “yes,” then you will be much needed as a
Nursery Teacher to guide the early development of young souls. [see below illustration]

So, can we work out precisely at what moment the baby in the womb would receive his or her soul? Apart
from somehow viewing the fetus's bio-plasma with an electron microscope to look for some sort of
rapid-pattern structuring, perhaps there is an indication that the soul has arrived when the baby in the
womb begins to DREAM. 

Once a woman becomes pregnant, the combined parental energy is beamed/sent to the spirit world
where it is received and cataloged by “Record Keepers.” Once a life choice is made, each soul is
normally placed with appropriate parents who determine the environment and conditions under which
they will be born into and embrace in their new life script.

During pregnancy, the spirit normally comes and goes from the fetus until the time of birth. This helps
solidify the bond between mother and child, and prevents the spirit from getting bored just hanging
around waiting.

It also serves as the final opportunity for last-minute training and direct interaction w/ our soul family.
The EXACT time the soul finally locks into place seems to vary, but most regressed patients agree that
they are “clocked in” at the 3/4-month mark into the womb and then stay put until birth.
ANNOUNCING DREAMS are dreams had by pregnant women or sometimes their husbands or someone
else close to them have in which a spirit presents itself, often declaring its intent to be reborn to them. 
DEPARTURE DREAMS are dreams that occur to a member of the previous person’s family, in which the
spirit lets them know he has been reborn and may tell them where to find him.

In ANNOUNCING and DEPARTURE DREAMS, the spirit usually appears as the person he or she was in
the previous life, not as a child, although the child born after the dream may bear some resemblance to
that person. Sometimes the spirits bear physical marks related to the previous person which correspond
to birthmarks on the baby. Almost always the sex of the person in the announcing dream is the sex of the
baby, so at the very least, these dreams are successful in predicting the sex of the child to be born.

ANNOUNCING DREAMS are among the most common signs of reincarnation in tribal societies and
sometimes past-life identifications are made on the basis of them alone. The statement of intention to be
reborn to the dreamer is typical of announcing dreams, although in Western cases especially, a spirit
may simply appear without any express intention to be reborn. It is only later, when a child starts
speaking of a previous life, that the connection is made.

INTERMISSION MEMORIES [previous life memories] differ from announcing dreams which tend to precede
the pregnancy rather than coming during it as they do among most societies. Various characteristics
suggest that the spirit seen in the announcing dream is solely responsible for the dreams. They are NOT
ordinary dreams nor the products of the dreamer’s imagination. Announcing dreams are one of our lines
of evidence of conscious awareness and the ability to think and act during the intermission [life between
lives]. They also show how our actions after death are shaped by the ideas we had while living.

In some places, the spirit is almost invariably someone known to the dreamer, whereas elsewhere it is not.
In tribal societies, the spirit is usually a relative of the dreamer. In India, also, all reported announcing
dreams occur in cases of reincarnation in the same family line or, much more occasionally, among
acquaintances. However, In most of Asia and also in Western countries, the spirit is unknown to the
dreamer. The dreams may nevertheless convey veridical (factual) information.

In one American case, a pregnant woman heard a name in a dream, and this name turned out to be the
name of the girl her daughter (born of that pregnancy) later remembered having been!

DEPARTURE DREAMS are much less common than announcing dreams. They occur when the
reincarnation is into a stranger family and a spirit wants to let his former family know he has been reborn.
Typically, they also tell the family where he may be found.

Researcher Jürgen Keil studied a case like this from the Turkish Alevi. The previous person’s mother
dreamed that he had been reborn in a certain house. She and later two of his brothers went there, but
they were not allowed to see the boy, and only confirmed his identity years later, when he began to
speak about the previous life.

While ANNOUNCING DREAMS usually – but not always – are had by a woman shortly before or while
she is pregnant, they may occur to her husband or a relative instead. Occasionally, they do not involve
the spirit to be reborn directly, but the spirit of another deceased person or even another sort of entity.

On occasion, ANNOUNCING DREAMS occur after birth, and serve the purpose of alerting the dreamer
to the past-life identity of a child. DEPARTURE DREAMS, on the other hand, almost always come after
birth. I know of only 6 postnatal announcing dreams, out of hundreds. Of 17 departure dreams, 12
occurred postnatally and 5 antenatally.

Source: James G. (Jim) Matlock, Ph.D. (see bibliography at end)

Children occasionally remember having “sent” dreams to their mothers or others from the discarnate,afterlife” state. Apparitions are sometimes seen in the same roles and there may also be mediumistic
communications in which the intention to be reborn to certain women is declared. These related
phenomena make it even clearer that ANNOUNCING  and DEPARTURE DREAMS are important features
of the INTERMISSION period and we can and should consider them alongside INTERMISSION MEMORIES
in trying to understand what goes on between death and rebirth.
Regardless of how they are understood and interpreted, the announcements help parents prepare for the
unexpected and can lead to life-changing decisions. 

ABOVE 2 IMAGES = ANNOUNCING DREAMS are dreams had by pregnant women or sometimes their husbands or
someone else close to them have in which a spirit presents itself, often declaring its intent to be reborn to them. 
DEPARTURE DREAMS are dreams that occur to a member of the previous person’s family, in which the spirit lets them
know he has been reborn and may tell them where to find him. They are NOT ordinary dreams nor the products of the
dreamer’s imagination. Announcing dreams are one of our lines of evidence of conscious awareness and the ability to
think and act during the intermission [life between lives]. They also show how our actions after death are shaped by
the ideas we had while living. Regardless of how they are understood and interpreted, the announcements help
parents prepare for the UNexpected and can lead to life-changing decisions. 

From conception through to birth, the incoming soul works with both the mother's Over Soul and her
incarnated Earth soul. This soul connection in both the physical and spiritual dimensions shapes what is
known as a paranormal bond between mother and child. We've all heard stories – and perhaps experienced
them yourself – of a parent who instinctively knows when something traumatic happens to a son or daughter,
regardless of the distance that may separate them. This is due to the spiritual bond that develops during
pregnancy in both the spiritual and physical realms and is referred to as the “PARENT-CHILD INTUITIVE


There are many psychological and physiological theories for dreams, but we still do not really know why we
dream -- this part of our life is still a mystery. From the point of view of soul-to-brain interaction, dreaming
could be a meeting ground of soul and everyday self, or sometimes perhaps a plane of free play of the spirit,
or of higher learning, problem solving, or even precognition. The psychologist Wilson Van Dusen thought
that we could communicate with our higher self at the edge of sleep, and in our dreams this communication
becomes symbolic and can tell us the truth about our lives.

When we sleep, we alternate between dream sleep (called paradoxical sleep because brain wave emissions
are almost the same as those we have while awake) and deep sleep (or orthodox sleep). While awake, our
brain waves are usually in the beta wave. In dreaming, they slow to alpha wave. In deep sleep, they slow
down even more to the deep waves of delta.

It is during the delta state of sleep that sometimes the bio-plasma body (soul/spirit) can disengage from its
physical body and can travel to the afterlife and reconnect to its primary, eternal soul, “Over Soul,” orHigher Self.” Dreaming is less common in deep sleep, although it can occur. Most subjects woken from
deep delta sleep would say they weren't dreaming, and some say they were just thinking about something.


NOTE: See below image + caption which illustrates the seven (7) "CLAIR" abilities in contacting your
Higher Self over Soul and/or Spirit Guide(s):

ABOVE ADVISORY: The Universe provides many mechanisms that allows you to contact that part of yourself which
remains in the spiritual realm or even your Spirit Guide directly. In addition to the noted "CLAIR" abilities, one
available to you is to ask to communicate directly w/ your Spirit Guide right before dozing off into a deep delta
sleep for the night. The above advisory lays out the process perfectly. 

When you are in a very relaxed or meditative state – or perhaps getting ready to go sleep -- one can
develop and maintain a daily spiritual practice to strengthen your spiritual “muscle” by meditating,
walking briskly, staring into a candle flame, etc. As embodied souls, each of us has the capability to
intuitively access our higher self/over soul and our Spirit Guides. How can you consciously receive
the communication and directives coming from your guide? Step one is to trust that you are an
effective channel of your guide and higher self. HOW do you do this? You have four (4) modes of
reception:CLAIRVOYANCE or mental images such as “seeing” an image of your guide as a human, animal or
color;CLAIRSENTIENCE aka CLAIRSALIENCE or emotions such as a feeling that signifies your spirit guide's
presence; one obtains intuitive insight by way of a physical experience in your body, e.g, “a gut feeling,”something just doesn't feel right,” etc. Another example would be the strong fragrance of a perfume
that your deceased grandmother used to wear which suggests that she is reaching out from the spirit
realm to communicate with you. Experiencing scents might trigger the other senses to “see,” “hear” orfeel” what a spirit is trying to communicate;CLAIRSOMATIC aka CLAIRTANGENCY aka PSYCHOMETRY or physical sensation such as an eyelid
flutter as a guide's cue to pay attention; also termed clear touching such as the ability to perceive facts
about an event or person by contact with or proximity to the object or person;CLAIRCOGNITION or mental thought such as spontaneous spirit guide-generated ideas to follow;CLAIRAUDIENCE or clear hearing such as the ability to perceive sounds, words or noise from the
spiritual realm via their inner or outer hearing, e.g., hearing voices either inside or OUTside of your
head is an example;CLAIRGUSTANCE such as clear tasting receives psychic information through their sense of taste,
without having any physical source of that taste in their mouth. People sometimes report tasting a
favorite food or drink from a loved one who has passed away. Others report that when they are
problem-solving, they receive helpful information through an extrasensory taste in their mouths.

NOTE: The first step is to trust that you are intuitive and can gain purposeful input, then your capability
will expand. Most of us are stronger in one (1) or two (2) of the “clair” abilities and not so strong in the
others as in the seven (7) listed above. The more you practice your intuition, the more accurate you

Step two is to accept that your guides will lead you to – or block you from – experiences and choices in
your life. Our Spirit Guides will at times lead us in very obvious ways, yet at other times we must make
decisions based more on our gut feelings … intuition. Guides are in our lives to assist us, not to lead is
by the hand. In some instances, we must take a supposed risk that catapults our soul's evolution.

BELOW IMAGE = This advisory and illustration perfectly encapsulates the above text: One must trust and
accept intuitive cues, but tempered w/ balance and patience as the Universe is waiting to disclose what it
wants you to know or have on what will work best for YOU which some times is NOT "right now" as many
of us want it to be. Trust that the Universe will fill your request -- pronoia – at a time that is most beneficial
for YOU while causing the least disruption to others' lives.

DREAM MASTER: According to “Journey of Souls” by Dr Michael Newton, a DREAM MASTER is a soul
that learns the subtle art of crafting dreams in the minds of sleeping humans in order to allow loved ones
to communicate, provide information, premonitions or warnings. The Dream Master can merge into a
dream that is already in progress, so that the dreamer isn’t startled, or they can craft a dream from
scratch (more difficult). Timing and imagery is most important. The Dream Master must know how the
dream will be best interpreted, using imagery and symbolism that the dreamer will comprehend and accept.

In addition, the DREAM MASTER must work to build energy into the dream to ensure the dream will be
recalled when the dreamer is awake. Finally, the message must be meaningful to the dreamer so that it
will be taken seriously. A Dream Master must have the skill to work between the lighter energy of the
spirit world and the dense energy of Earth, crafting energy into shapes and symbols in the mind of a
human, and understand the psychology of the person in question. It is a myriad of skills, though I would
imagine that anyone interested in psychology would be a good candidate to become a Dream Master.
Occult investigator Colin Wilson wasn't satisfied by the scientist's
conviction that we only dream in the shallow alpha states. 
Wilson [Paperback / Author] 

He reasoned that since on the edge of sleep we experience dream-type images – called hypnagogic
visions – it is hard to see why they would just shut off when we fall into deep delta sleep (our sleep
patterns start with deep delta wave sleep [REM sleep] and then after about two (2) hours surface into
the shallower alpha dream sleep before plummeting again). In his book, "Mysteries," Wilson gives
examples of dream prophecies, which he suggests come to the dreamer while in deep delta wave sleep.

From my own experiences, I am inclined to agree with Wilson. For about 12 months, I experimented with
what is called astral travel. When I eventually succeeded in inducing this state, it was clear to me that
what I had been practicing was to keep a small point of consciousness awake as I plummeted into deep
delta wave sleep.

Once in the depths of this state, where I found extreme consciousness and feeling, I was able to go
anywhere I wanted to fly, but the most important thing about this state was that I was in touch with my
Higher Self, or even the ultimate part of my being, and with the Higher Being of existence. 

The "music" or feeling of ultimate being was all around me, and I was struck by the power of my
awareness, as if in comparison the normal waking state was a blurry, UNfeeling existence. For me the
lesson of astral travel was that it revealed to me the possibility of higher awareness and feeling, which I
was later able to develop in my normal awake state.

The point being made is that in our [delta] sleep state -- in our dreams – and in our depths of being, we
can make contact with our Over Soul and the larger dream of the Ultimate Beings. If in the depths of
deep sleep we are in contact with our Source and our eternal soul, then it seems reasonable to suppose
that when the unborn child shows indications of dreaming, at about the eighth month
["The Secret Life of the Unborn Child," P.29.], the soul has arrived.                                                                                                                   

HEALTHY LIFE!" - By Thomas Verny [Paperback / Author], John Kelly (Author) 
How then does the soul "transmit," or migrate, from one body to another? Some eastern philosophies
profess that the universe exists in a sea of vital energy, and as the discoveries earlier mentioned attest,
this sea of energy has been uncovered using scientific equipment (such as Milner's energy patterns).
[see CYCLE GRAPH illustration below]

In the context of the Ultimate Beings, this energy would be their being, and although they have no
consciousness, they would have what could be called an unconscious, or non-conscious mind. In
simple poetic terms, they are forever asleep and the universe is their dream within which we exist, but
only we can be aware of the dream. Their dream is our reality. Within the Ultimate Beings – within their
unconscious minds -- this energy is their mind stuff thereby forming the holographic Universe that we
live in. The transmission of the soul in reincarnation would operate through this all-pervading energy.

[See HUMAN INTERACTION OUTLINE illustration below]

The MASTERS of DESIGN and Designer Souls work with both energy and with the physical and mental
systems that make up our multiverse. A designer may work with reproductions of physical objects from
Earth, for example, helping to build an exquisite house from memory, complete with all the knick-knacks
or assisting in the building of a new community theater. Other designer souls work with planetary
systems, assisting in the formation of atmospheres and weather, including creating cells that will grow
into new life forms. A designer might envision a new type of flower, for example, then work to build the
cell that will grow into that new species.

Designer Souls also work with the forces and particles that make up what we know as quantum physics.
They study, maintain and help create the various worlds and systems in both the physical, spiritual and
mental worlds. Obviously, scientists such as physicists, astronomers, and biologists might become
designers, as well as geologists and meteorologists. Architecture/architects is analogous to this type of
work, and designer souls are always in demand to maintain the structure of the spirit world, recreation
areas and new planetary systems. 

In addition to terraforming new worlds after they have cooled, some Masters of Design will be assigned
to creating new, NON-sentient life forms on this new world. Other Masters will be assigned to creating
new flora, fauna and plant life in general. Still others design the planetary geology and those parts that
make up a planet's surface features. 

These include mountains, bodies of water, plants, trees and living creatures all with the end purpose
that sentient beings – human forms of life – will eventually occupy this newly terraformed planet.
Intelligent thought from these Masters of Design is behind the formation of all animate and inanimate
objects. Souls use their light energy for conceiving, designing and then manipulating the molecules
and cell structures of living matter which possess the physical properties they want in finished form.

The MASTERS of DESIGN have an enormous influence on creation. They are capable of bridging
universes that seem to not have a beginning nor end, exacting their purposes among countless
environmental settings. These Masters – or Grand Masters – are capable or creating the spinning gas
clouds of galactic matter which started the process of stars, planets and eventual life in our universe.

And taking it to another level, our universe is only one of a countless number of universes all contained
within the SOURCE, The ALL or The ABSOLUTUM; this embraces the multiverse theorem which simply
states that our universe is surrounded by other universes all around it … top, bottom and on all sides.
This ABSOLUTUM is made up from a combination of other universes which contain other Creators. The
ABSOLUTUM -- and all of the Universes contained within it -- is an ANDROGYNOUS being, i.e. that this
creational life force possesses both MALE and FEMALE characteristics.

These other universes contain the oldest known bio-plasmic entities in all of the universes. They are
known as "The Ultimate Beings," “The Old Ones” or “Ancient Ones”; much like the Masters of Design,
they fuse their energies together as one in order to spawn new universes!

ABOVE 2 IMAGES = And taking it to another level, our universe is only one of a countless number of universes all
contained within the SOURCE, The ALL or The ABSOLUTUM; this embraces the multiverse theorem. Evidence for a
previous Universe(s) is contained within the CMBR [Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation] also known as "relic
radiation." This radiation can be detected in every direction which is UNevenly spread because of the "pull" from other
accompanying Universe at the time our Universe was created. ... it was created shortly after the Universe came into
being from the Big Bang and would apply to other Universes as well.

ABOVE IMAGE = Scientific artist's conception of how travel between universes might be possible:  traveling via a
wormhole at space warp speed traversing the wide expanses of space which supports the multiverse theorem!

ABOVE 2 STRUCTURED OVERVIEW IMAGES = The multiverse theorem simply states that our universe is surrounded by
other universes all around it … top, bottom and on all sides. This ABSOLUTUM is made up from a combination of other
universes which contain other Creators. The ABSOLUTE ABSOLUTUM [see above] -- and all of the Universes contained
within it -- is an ANDROGYNOUS being, i.e., this creational life force possesses both MALE and FEMALE characteristics.

-- Part #4 of 4 -- 
Soulmates are the result of a deep connection that develops between two (2) people because they have
similar minds.

"Your soulmate is NOT someone who comes into your life peacefully. It IS someone who comes to make
you question things, who changes your reality, someone who marks a before and after in your life. It is
NOT the human being everyone has idealized, but an ordinary person, who manages to revolutionize
your world in a second....” – author UNknown [see advisory and illustration below]


There is an intelligent design to the universe and soulmates are a necessary part of the meaning and
purpose of existence. With the secular view, whether or not Soulmates are true, would depend upon how
lucky or persevering a person is in finding someone highly compatible. It does happen, but statistically,
most people are not that lucky, nor not that patient. However, there are ways of improving your chances
of finding your secular and spiritual soulmate. 

"One BIG universe and I had the privilege to meet YOU!” – author unknown [see illustration below]

The Science of Soulmates has been exhaustively researched, using all disciplines, for evidence for the
design of the universe. The results are that the only possible design or spiritual purpose to existence is
that Soulmates are the meaning and purpose of existence. 

Simply put, the theory is that the Source of existence – what some people call “God” – consists of two (2)
forces. These forces are male and female. These two male and female energy fields have been discovered.
[see advisory and illustration above]
Human beings are the manifestation of these forces. Our role is to awaken ourselves to our source. Our
goal is to unite these forces in awareness by finding our true soulmate. For a theory to be more than a
fantasy there are many elements that need to make sense. The kind of soulmate that exists in the meaning
of existence is the one and only true soulmate for the individual. 

ABOVE ADVISORY = Soulmates are the meaning and purpose of existence, therefore our goal is to unite these forces in
awareness by finding our true soulmate. The kind of soulmate that exists in the meaning of existence is the one and only
true soulmate for an individual.

"1 universe, 9 planets, 204 countries, 809 islands, 7 seas … and I had the privilege of meeting YOU!”author unknown [see illustration below]

This means that you have one soulmate whom you journey through lifetimes with. While you may have
many partners, you only have one true soulmate, who is searching for YOU, as you are searching for them.A soulmate is an ongoing connection with another individual that the soul picks up again and again in
various times and places over many lifetimes. We are attracted to another person at a soul level not
because that person is our unique complement, but because by being with that individual, we are
somehow provided with an impetus to become whole ourselves.” – Edgar Cayce, American Christian
mystic and clairvoyant from the 20th Century [see advisory below]

See: "How To Find Our Soulmate": 
Scientific instruments recorded evidence of a fundamental energy pattern that reveals the source of
existence and the source of the phenomenon of soulmates.

Dennis Milner and Edward Smart co-authored a book titled, "The Loom of Creation: A Study of The
Purpose and The Forces That Weave The Pattern of Existence," which contains many photographs of 
energy patterns that exist everywhere in the universe, even in a vacuum. 

PATTERN OF EXISTENCE" -  By Dennis Milner [Hardcover / Author], Edward Smart (Author) 
Many scientists say these energies are the fundamental force patterns responsible for all existence.
While the patterns are varied in their appearance, there are notably two (2) distinct types:
"sphere-forming warmth ether” or the “raying-out light ether."

As Biologist Lyall Watson confirms, the patterns are of two distinct and separate entities. 

The fact that there are two (2) energies underlying all of existence is further evidence of the male and female
forces responsible for soulmates. [See: "Purpose for Soulmates" ABOVE]  
There is also a central core to these two (2) energies, but its way of reaching out, or extending itself, is with
other spherical, core-like structures. We can relate the first pattern to the nature of Man, because from the
center of his being, Man reaches out into existence in a logical, mechanistic, linear way. There are many
force lines radiating from the core of the pattern, just as man's nature involves many "structures" to enable
him to reach out into existence and interrelate. 
In societal Man, this is revealed in the way men need the aid of activities in order to communicate, while
women do not need these ulterior diversions as much; a woman's communication is more direct and close.

This ability of women for intimacy, or closeness, can be related to the other force pattern, where this
entity's way of reaching out into existence is through extensions of its core with other core structures.
This reaching out with one's core and receiving through one's core describes the intuition and feeling
inherent in women in an uncannily accurate and beautiful way. 

"That thing we call intuition?! It's your soul. You can TRUST it!” – author unknown [see advisory

We can see, in just this element of the pattern alone, the spiritual origin of that part of a Woman's nature
which is INTUITION: an ability to feel what's right because experience enters a Woman directly, whereas
Man gleans his experience through a labyrinth of structures. 

"INTUITION is really a sudden immersion of the soul into the universal current of life, where the histories
of all people are connected, and we are able to to know everything, because it's all written there.” –
Paulo Coelho, “The ALCHEMIST” 2006 [see advisory below]

ABOVE ADVISORY and IMAGE = We can see, in just this element of the pattern alone, the spiritual origin
of that part of a Woman's nature which is INTUITION: an ability to feel what's right because experience
enters a Woman directly, whereas Man gleans his experience through a labyrinth of structures.

ABOVE IMAGE = "The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a
society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift." -- Albert Einstein 

It is quite astounding to recognize that these simple patterns, when looked at from the proper perspective,
can reveal the complexities of human nature laying latent in their structure.


"WHAT DREAMS MAY COME" - Starring Robin Williams, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Annabella Sciorra, October 1998 /
Running Time: 1 hr 54 min

PLOT SYNOPSIS: Academy Award winners Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding, Jr., embark on a supernatural journey
beyond the realm of mortality in this visually stunning and UNforgettable epic. With the help of his spirit guide Cuba
Gooding, Jr., Williams sets out on the most perilous and harrowing journey of his life -- in
the Afterlife -- in a quest for
the everlasting love he has for his now deceased wife (Sciorra) that will literally take him to Hell and back!

"DEFENDING YOUR LIFE" - Starring Albert Brooks, Meryl Streep and Rip Torn, April 1991 / Running Time: 1 hr 51 min

PLOT SYNOPSIS: Academy Award winner Meryl Streep joins writer/director/star Albert Brooks for a witty peek at the
Afterlife, where you can eat all you want and not gain an ounce. But there's a catch: you're saddled with DEFENDING
YOUR LIFE. If you can't make a case for having lived a full and fearless one before a Council of Elders, you must return
to Earth and try again
[reincarnate]. Brooks' life was far from fearless. However, after he meets the remarkable Streep,
he's determined NOT to go back and
incarnate again as an Earth human! Yes, there IS a laughter after "death!"

So why are we all placed here by this co-creating consciousness, The Prime Architect? We were created
and sent to Earth to problem-solve within the matrix of an intelligent life form living in a difficult, harsh
environment which can involve great suffering, but also great beauty and promise.

A universal intelligence of a higher order has created the physical world for the soul to learn and grow.
NONE of us are here by accident, and the events which affect our lives are
not accidental either Knowing
this reality will allow you to accept what happens as essential soul lessons that YOU have chosen. They
are not curses, jinxes nor misfortunes. YOU elected to have these experiences in agreement with your
Spirit Guide and signed off by a Council of Elders.

Recognizing and acknowledging this as a truth will allow you to become less resistant to adversities.
The less resistant you become, the less conflict these events will generate and life will begin to flow
more smoothly. It's really quite a blessing to be here. This gift of life is UNfortunately largely unknown
and taken for granted by most of the world's population. But it doesn't have to remain that way.

Try to accept what life presents you -- even the tragedies and hardships. ACCEPT them as if you had
chosen them to occur, as though YOU specifically asked for them to happen. Do this because you DID
ask for the events in your life! In fact, YOU did ask for these tragedies and hardships for the knowledge,
experience and growth they offer your soul. Learn to accept and work with these events ... do NOT
resist them. Recall that you asked for these experiences through a spiritual agreement called a
"Soul Contract" previously discussed and just referenced above in this paper. 

Everyone is on their own spiritual path. There is nothing better about your path, nor is their anything
worse about someone else's path. They are simply in different stages of spiritual development. As you
make your way through life, look to form an understanding of situations and experiences around you.
EVERY event, relationship, experience, family member, friend, acquaintance and even passing strangers
on the physical plane offer a life lesson to enhance and expand your soul. ALL of the events in your life
offer a window to your true self and your true purpose and mission. When you accept that ALL of your
life's experiences serve to elevate your soul, you begin to understand your purpose, and life becomes
much more manageable.


Many wonder how such human suffering can be allowed to occur if the universe is the creation of a
caring, loving and higher intelligence. How could such an infinite source of intellect, knowledge, love
and wisdom allow the horrors of this world to befall the innocent?! So, WHY does God allow the
horrors of humanity to take place? All of the suffering, starvation, abuse, murder and torture … what
kind of evil creator would allow such pain?!

For the adherents of the three (3) Abrahamic religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – they often
times provide the six (6) boiler plate answers/responses to horrific events and tragedies:

  "God is testing you/us!”
  God is punishing you/us!”
–  “God works in mysterious ways.”
–  “God's ways are not man's ways.”
–  “God has special plans for YOU!”
–  “He/she is in a better place.” [after a suicide/sudden death]

The real reason such horrific events occur in great abundance is because these are life lessons souls
have chosen to experience through their soul contracts. The soul has purposely selected a life of pain
or hardship to experience what such pain feels like. It's the ONLY way for the soul to fully understand
and empathize with those feelings. This is the case in many aspects of life and how the soul learns.
Some of the most powerful growth lessons for the soul are the ones that cause the greatest hardships.
As you go through these adversities, always bear in mind that the universe only gives that which the
soul is capable of enduring. Great tests are given only to great souls.

When you accept this and release the need to know WHY things happen as they do, you'll begin to make
enormous strides in spiritual growth. Trust the reason behind your experience is part of a higher purpose
designed to benefit your spiritual growth, and your life will begin to flow with much less resistance.

NOTE: As a brief aside to the six (6) boiler plate reasons Christians, et al, provide as to why God allows
such pain and suffering to occur on Earth, the first reason #1 – "God is testing you/us!” is ludicrous
on its face as the "test" is not given out to all of God's "students" in an even-handed manner; some are
tested over and over, while some escape God's wrath and ridiculous pop quizzes during life-altering

The second reason #2 offered – God is punishing you/us!” – makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever
when one considers that if we all have a tiny part of God within us – often times called the “God particle”WHY would God want to punish extensions or parts of himself which lie within each one of us?!

This concept can also be extended to the concept of “Hell.” WHY would the Prime Architect want to
punish parts of itself that have taken on very exhausting, difficult and demanding roles on a suffering,
great hardship planet like Earth to not only individualize humanity for God's benefit, but also to allow
the Prime Architect to itself grow on its own spiritual journey and evolutionary path in furtherance of
itself attaining a higher level of creation and consciousness?

Reasons #3, #4 and #5 make it sound like God/The Prime Architect operates like an Earth-based
intelligence agency, i.e., it operates in secrecy and wishes to keep these secrets from US though we
have parts of the Creator in ALL of US! NO: It does not keep secrets from its creations and anything
we want to know is available to us either on the Earth/physical plane or the Afterlife when we return
home again.

Reason #6: If religious people really believe this, then they should be celebrating the departure of a loved
one, NOT mourning it! After all, wouldn't you want your loved one(s) to be in a better place – “Heaven” –
rather than being stuck/stranded here on this miserable world of incredible hardship known as Earth?!

There is a old Chinese proverb that states: “We count our miseries carefully and accept our blessings
without much thought.” [see advisory below]

In closing this paper, I have a final fitting quote from Dr Michael Newton's DESTINY OF SOULS from a
subject under regressive hypnosis who was preparing another departure from the spirit world into a new
incarnation on Earth:

"Coming to Earth is about traveling away from our home to a foreign land. Some things seem familiar, but
most are strange until we get used to them, especially to conditions which are UNforgiving. Our real home
is a place of absolute peace, total acceptance and complete love. As souls separated from our home, we
can no longer assume these beautiful features will be present around us [on Earth]. On Earth, we must
learn to cope with intolerance, anger and sadness while searching for joy and love.

"We must not lose our integrity along the way, sacrificing goodness for survival and acquiring attitudes
either superior or inferior to those around us. We know that living in an imperfect world will help us to
appreciate the true meaning of perfection. We ask for courage and humility before our journey into
another life. As we grow in awareness, so will the quality of our existence. This is how we are tested.
Passing this test is our destiny....”

"We are all visitors to this time, this place. We are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe,
to learn, to grow, to love … and then we return home.” – Australian Aboriginal proverb [see illustration


A TAXI DRIVER and a MINISTER arrived in Heaven at the same time. The taxi driver was led to a palatial
suite while the minister was given a small room. “I don't get it,” the minister said. “All he did was drive a
cab. I was in the ministry for decades!”Up here, we go by results,” St Peter said. “While you preached, people slept. While he drove, people
The late and highly-acclaimed science fiction author ARTHUR C CLARKE explained the four (4) stages
of how scientists react to the development of anything NEW of a REVOLUTIONARY nature: 

1) "It's NONsense!" 
2) "It is NOT important!" 
3) "I always said it was a GOOD idea!” and ... 
4) "I thought of it FIRST!"

"It's so silly. All you do is get the heck out of your body when you die. My gosh, everybody's done it
thousands of times. Just because they don't remember, it doesn't mean they haven't done it!" – J D
Salinger, author of the 1951 classic novel "Catcher in The Rye"

"It's ALL an illusion, so enjoy the show!” – Damien Carrion, online blogger [see illustration below] 

Michael Talbot [Paperback / Author] 

"JOURNEY OF SOULS: Case Studies of Life Between Lives” – By Dr Michael Newton

"DESTINY OF SOULS: New Case Studies of Life Between Lives” – Dr Michael Newton

"MEMORIES OF THE AFTERLIFE: Life Between Lives: Stories of Personal                        
Transformation” – Edited by Dr Michael Newton
/ OF SOULS: Case Studies of Life Between Lives From The Michael Newton
Institute” - By The Newton Institute

"SOUL SCHOOL: The Purpose of Life Revealed” – Dan Lux

"AFTERLIFE: Uncovering The Secrets of Life After Death” – Barry Eaton
/ LIVES UNVEILED: Discover How Consciousness Moves Between Lives” Barry Eaton

"The MAGNIFICENT SOUL: The Art of Living in a World Founded on Consciousness"George Walter Chyz

"The EVOLVING SOUL: Spiritual Healing Through Past Life Exploration” – Dr Linda Backman

"SOULS on EARTH: Exploring Interplanetary Past Lives" Dr Linda Backman

"The ESP ENIGMA: The Scientific Case For Psychic Phenomena" -- Dr Diane Hennacy Powell REALITY OF ESP: A Physicist's Proof of Psychic Abilities” – Russell Targ of REINCARNATION: Exploring Cases, Belief and Theory” James G. “Jim” Matlock, Ph.D.

"BEYOND COINCIDENCE" -- Amazing Stories of Coincidence and The Mystery and Mathematics
Behind Them" -- Martin Plimmer and Brian King

"The BIG BOOK of REINCARNATION: Examining The Evidence That We Have ALL Lived Before”By Roy Stemman

"The BIG BOOK of NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES: The Ultimate Guide to What Happens When We Die”By P M H Atwater

"REINCARNATION: The Missing Link in Christianity” – By Elizabeth Clare Prophet

"GOD and The AFTERLIFE: The Groundbreaking New Evidence For God and Near-Death Experience”Dr Jeffrey Long

"SEEKING JORDAN: How I Learned The Truth About Death and The Invisible Universe” –
Matthew McKay, PhD
The LUMINOUS LANDSCAPE of The AFTERLIFE: Jordan's Message to The Living on
What to Expect After Death” -  Matthew McKay, PhD

" 'Floating' Stone Pond on The Side of a The Mexican Iztaccihuatl Volcano is Revealed to Be
a 1,000-Year-Old Model of The Universe!”







SIGNS of REINCARNATION: Exploring Cases, Belief and Theory” James G. (Jim) Matlock, Ph.D.


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